Valentine's Day Sweet Treats

Happy Valentine's Week! 
Whether you're married, in love, single, celebrating with girlfriends...doesn't matter...
I just hope you're surrounded with love and laughs this week and always! 
I rounded up some pink + red sweets that you can make for your loved ones. 
Will you be baking for Valentine's Day? Tweet me a pic!

1 // Milk + Cookies : just add food coloring to milk and pair with sugar cookies frosted with pink icing.

2 // Heart Cookie Pops : they seem simple enough and presented so sweetly in a mason jar tied with a pink ribbon

3 // Strawberry Mousse Cake : does this really need an explanation? Strawberries and pistachios whipped into a mouse with spongecake? Yes, please!

4 // Lemon Shortbread Cookies : love that these look like simply decorated Valentine's cookies, but these are flavored with the zest of lemon!

5 // Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Sandwich : this is my favorite! I want these now!

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Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

All of these look soooo yummy!