Heads or Tails // St Patty's Day

This week's Friday's Fancies is all about finding the lucky outfit for St. Patrick's Day. Do you dress up? I love, love theme dressing! Pink on Valentine's and green for St. Patty's. Give me a holiday and I'll give you the appropriately colored outfit ;) 

Would you rather be wearing heads or tails on Sunday, which is your favorite? 

So happy y'all stopped by today!
As always, I appreciate your support of this little blog of mine
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happy weekend dears!


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Ooh I like heads!

Janelle Andrea said...

I love Tails! So cute and funky for the weekend :)


Chelsea Grey said...

Love it! Tails is my favorite!!

Blue Dog Belle said...

I vote heads :)

Rebecca and Lori said...

I've been wanting green pants forever, so tails is my pick!

Life On Planet Mum said...

Hello Mae, I love both but what caught my eye is the striped peplum jacket. Where is it from please? Thank you! Grace