loved it. made it. // DIY gold urchin

Hello friends!  I am beyond thrilled to be sharing this super (I do mean super) simple DIY with y'all today. (Seriously, it took me longer to put together this post than to actually make the thing!)  I've been seeing gold/brass urchins everywhere in home decor, but y'all know me...I'm a bargain shopper.  But I still couldn't find any that I loved at a bargain price, so I just made one!  As I mentioned, it's so easy to do.  Most of it I did while laying on the couch ;) And check out my tips so you won't make the same mistakes I did. I will say, if you're making the half urchin (as opposed to the full-on starburst) like I did, it might end up a little lopsided. Just shave the bottom til you feel it's relatively even.  And add more toothpicks to balance it out. 

I would love, love to see your urchin if you make one! 
Make sure to tweet me a picture!

See ya back here tomorrow for another GIVEAWAY!


Krystal said...

that is pretty stinkin cute!

Lili said...

i actually like the textured-look of the styroam ball you used! great job - i just may try to make one!

Lindsay Kauffman said...

I've wanted to try this DIY for so long! Thanks for posting this! Turned out fab!