five fun facts about me

I was tagged by sweet Lindsay to share 5 things about myself you might not know.  
I feel like I have a pretty public life in this good ol' blogosphere, but I'll give it go!

1. I was Miss Oklahoma when I was four years old. I wore a poufy white dress and my mom claims the whole time I stood on stage playing with the other girls' hair. I still have my sash and tiara. Too bad it doesn't fit.

2. Y'all might know that I lived in Israel for 2 years starting in 2009. But that was actually the second foreign country I lived in. During law school, I had the privilege to work on an international human rights case so I moved to Costa Rica for a summer. Incredible

3. When I was in college (and had bleached blonde hair...yes, it's true) I used to get a lot of comments that I looked like Britney Spears. Thankfully, that was the peak of her career with 'Slave' and Justin. I was loving it. I took it pretty hard when she had her meltdown in 2007 ;) A little part of me will always love Brit Brit.

4. I have an obsession with eyelashes. I just love those flirty little things. Until about 1 year ago, I would never, ever leave the house without mascara. Happy to report I've matured a bit since then and become a little more comfortable in my own skin but my love of those little hairs lives on. My favorite, favorite mascara is Loreal Voluminous. I may have shared my love for this mascara on other social media, but my routine is quite simple: apply the gray bottle with a curved brush in black first, let dry and apply a second coat of the black bottle with a straight brush in blackest black. No eyelash curler! I am adamantly opposed, they rip out your eyelashes. Beware.

5. My most favorite drink at Sonic is a Route 44 Soda water with cranberry and lime. I go almost every day between 2 and 4, during happy hour. And that little cup of joy costs only 32 cents. My dad used to be an engineer for the company that developed the software for Sonics and the parents of one of my best friends from high school owned the very first Sonic that ever existed. Talk about the circle of life!

Well, there ya have it...a little bit of randomness about me. Several other bloggers have been participating in this series, so I'm not going to tag anyone. But, I'll open it up to any and all who want to play along. 
And YOU! I'd love love to hear your random little facts! 
Please leave them in the comments below. 


Miranda Rickert said...

You're such a diverse lady! I just love that you're a beauty queen from OK but have still managed to live abroad, in some pretty exotic places! Fun post Mae!

Lindsay Rumple said...
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Lindsay Kauffman said...

Awesome fun facts! Jealous of your stint in Costa Rica! That must have been amazing! And I need to see some pics of the blonde hair! xoxo, Lindsay

ari said...

Cute post! Who knew.. my favorite mascara is L'Oreal Voluminous too!

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing, Mae!
BTW...the necklace in the pic is INCREDIBLE

Katherine Nolden said...

Sonic!!! yeah buddy!

Marion Green said...

OH my gosh - I could totally see you resembling Brit Brit with blond locks! So funny.

Love these types of posts as your readers get to learn a few more fun facts about you :)
Hope you're doing well Mae!
xo - Marion

Lexi said...

I wonder if there's a sonic nearby ... that drink sounds so good!

Ro said...

I love this necklace... Where can I buy it?

Thank you :)