Bits + Bobs Update

Hi friends! I'm slowly starting to come out of my news-watching daze after the tornado on Monday. Not that we can forget, but I know that we must progress forward. There have been so many exciting things happening lately that I wanted to share so I thought I'd wrangle them all up in one post! Some are huge (hello, I'm speaking at a conference!) and others are small but delightful (I've been spray-painting everything I can get my hands on gold) So here we go!

I'll start with the biggest news in case you missed it. I'll be speaking at Go Blog Social this summer in Kansas City! I've been asked to present on the law, business and blogging. The conference will be held August 1-4 in Kansas City. Check out the hotel, it looks beautiful! I can't really remember ever spending time as a grown-up in KC (driving through on road trips with the family when I was 9 don't count, right?!) I'm so excited because I have also never been to a big blog conference! The blogosphere is such a huge part of my world so I'm thrilled to be connecting with like-minded women! It's going to be so fun! And to top it all off, I'm presenting. I feel so official. I really hope to meet as many of you as possible, but I know space is limited. (Also, ticket prices go up after June!) Please do drop me a note or tweet me if you're coming!

Go Blog Social

And now almost as exciting (for me at least) I'm starting a newsletter! I'll be sharing fun and exclusive extras. I have tons of personal development material I'd like to share, as well as styling tips and some surprises I can't tell you quite yet ;) I'd love for you to join my list, you can do so here

No doubt you've heard me talking (or more like tweeting) about all my crazy adventures in opening my blowout salon in my hometown of Stillwater, Oklahoma called The Blo Bar. Of course it's stressful, but I'm seriously having a blast! I constantly have to remind myself that I'm opening a blowout and beauty bar in Smalltown USA not Chicago, New York or Paris. Sometimes I gotta reign it in. There are times when people have no idea what I'm talking about. But other times, actually most of the time, when a woman hears about it and gets a huge smile on her face and says she can't wait til we open....well, that makes it all worth it. I just can't wait. I also wanted to make sure to document the process so I could look back on it all one day so The Blo Bar now has an Instagram! Follow along with a little behind-the-scences look as we get ready to open! Here's a little peek at our mirrors that we're installed earlier this week.

And last but not least, I have been a spray-painting, DIY fool the past few weeks. Pretty much any cute little thing that I find is getting a coat of gold spray paint....from an elephant planter to an old plastic tray. Also, my mom and I (ok, really just my mom) are reupholstering a couple antique chairs and a settee to use in our space.

Oh and one more thing, I have been in NYC and Dallas the last 2 weekends. I promise to share my Pepperologie recap next week. Better late than never, right?

Have a fabulous weekend!

PS- thank you again so much for your messages about Oklahoma. I'm just truly heartbroken at all the loss and ask that you all continue to pray for my home state and these wonderful people.


Medge said...

Congrats on speaking at Go Blog Social! You have so many exciting things happening! That's great!



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