Happy Weekend!

And I'm off to NYC today! This is such a welcome little escape for me. It was totally last minute and everything has fallen into place perfectly. I've been a bit (extra) stressed with opening The Blo Bar and a million other random things. So this trip is perfect timing. I'll be spending Friday night with my fabulous cousin who lives/works/plays in Manhattan, then Saturday I'll be at Pepperologie (!) and then spending a couple days just outside the city in Poughkeepsie with my aunt, uncle and cousins! Be back in Oklahoma Tuesday, ready to share what I learned at Pepperologie. Did I mention how excited I am? ;) Hope y'all have a lovely weekend, full of all the things that make you happy! x


Miranda Rickert said...

Have a great weekend away Mae! Safe travels!

Hallie Wilson said...

Wahoo! See you soon, Mae. Travel safely! Looking forward to spending Saturday (and then some) with you lady.

x Hallie