I had a different post scheduled for today, but I just had to share: I'm going to NYC! It's a totally last minute trip, I literally just bought the tickets last night. I had been thinking about going up for Pepperologie, but honestly didn't want to pay $350 to attend the workshop in addition to the plane ticket. But then last night I got an email that conference tickets have been reduced to $50! What?! That's almost free so of course, I hopped on Orbitz and found a fabulous deal on tickets and I'm off! Less than 2 weeks and I'll be back in NYC! So excited to attend the workshop and hopefully meet up with some of my favorite blogger friends! My aunt also lives just outside the City so I'm excited to see my family too. I was just there for Christmas/New Years but really any time is the perfect time for NYC! Yayy! 

Who else is going to Pepperologie
Tweet me if you'll be there or live in the City and want to meet up! xo

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Jessie Artigue said...

Eeeek! SO excited that you decided to make the trip, and can't WAIT to meet you soon! XO - Jessie