Prayers for my state

I'm really at a loss for words today. I'm just heart broken, watching all the coverage of this devasting tornado in my home state. I can't stop thinking about those kids at school. And the teachers. My family and friends are thankfully all safe and well. [We live about 60 miles away] I appreciate all of your messages. My mom and I were just leaving Dallas when the tornado hit Moore and we decided to go ahead and drive home. We drove through very severe weather in Northern Texas and somehow managed to keep going. We got to the Moore/Norman area just as it was getting dark and for about 3 hours we were stuck in traffic, stopped on the highway and creeping along the side roads as police cars directed us round and round in large circles. At one point we were stopped at the front of a barricade and what we saw was incredible. Emergency vehicles, civilian trucks, tankers, police cars....all of them whizzing by with sirens and lights flashing. Organized chaos. It honestly looked like a war zone. We saw military personnel in uniform hanging out of the back of a truck. We saw normal, everyday people walking around in the dark with flashlights trying to do whatever they could to help. When they finally allowed us back on the highway, we drove through Moore and witnessed just a little of the damage firsthand. It was horrific.

Today, I'm grateful. Grateful my loved ones are safe. Grateful for all of those who are offering their assistance. And grateful to be an Oklahoman. One of my friends posted on Facebook today that she overheard some people in line at Wal-Mart, as they were purchasing supplies to donate, they said "Today, we are all from Moore"

I love this state, it holds my family and so many wonderful memories. I have been blessed to live all over this world for varying lengths of time, but truly...this place will always be my home.
Thank you for praying for us.

PS- I don't want to promote one avenue of helping over another. However, my friends at Sweet Lemon Magazine have compiled a list of how you can help

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