Review | Russell + Hazel Smart Date System

I feel kinda controversial saying this, but here goes: I do not like the Russell + Hazel Smart Date System.  There, I said it. I feel better. Maybe I just didn't buy the right products, but I'm not happy with the organizational planner system. Of course I researched the heck out of this agenda/planner before I bought it and there were tons of rave reviews so I felt comfortable spending close to $100 on it all. But, I don't think it's easy to use, logical or functional. And then there's the issue of price. It's expensive. I spent $18 for the binder itself (special edition, no longer available), $24 for the monthly tabs and $12 for the weekly. Plus tax and shipping, I was close to $80. Then there were no pockets to store loose papers so I had to spend $8 at Office Depot to buy plastic pockets for the binder. (Thankfully, they fit.) And then another $15 for lined paper for notes, lists, etc.

I can't really pinpoint why I don't like the system but it just doesn't work for me. The monthly tab pages are ok, but I needed weekly sheets for day-to-day appointments so I had to fit those pages in between the monthly tabs. Then I needed paper for to-do lists and jotting down random ideas. I put that in the back but it wasn't separated from the calendar part so I had to flip through pages to find them. At this point, I had spent so much money, I just wasn't willing to buy separator tabs. 

I found the system to be a little cumbersome and not really that organized at all. I was stressed just having to open the thing. And I was put-off by having to spend so much money to buy every little thing. Oh and one more thing I bought, the rubber band set. Those are super cute! I don't really use them for the binder, but I do put them on other notebooks. I got the chevron and zebra set. I love those little zebras. (You can see the chevron band up top, on my gold journal.)

So over all, I don't recommend this system. Maybe if I would have bought a couple more things it would have worked better. I don't think it's a complete waste though, I decided to just keep the lined paper in the binder and use it as a notebook/journal. Also, I LOVE the signature pattern on the binder so if nothing else, it will make a pretty decoration on my desk.

Are you using the Russell + Hazel smart date planner system? 
Do you love it?
If not, what agenda are you currently using? 

I'm backing to using the myAgenda in leopard
Again, I don't love it, but it works better than the R+H


Jennifer Luna said...

Yeah, we weren't that thrilled either :( We decided only to carry a couple of the binders but not the system itself.

cheliebee said...

Hey, I just recently bought the Russell+Hazel binder, $80+ later, I also feel the same way. I had to take out everything but the next 3 months just to fit other things in the rings without it being so cumbersome. Needless to say, I ordered a filofax last week.