Summer Beauty | The Side Pony

I have a somewhat irrational attachment to my hair. My long hair. I cut it short exactly once. My senior year in high school. It was shoulder-length and horrible. Never again. I love my hair and I love it long but I have so much of it that it can be rather cumbersome in the hot summer months. (Have I told y'all yet that I'm not a huge fan of summer?! That's a story for another day...) Anyway, I want my hair to look cute and relatively put together so my go-to hairstyle lately has been the side pony. Occasionally, I'll throw in a side braid too. I'm just loving this look! It is so easy and it's sure to keep me from going crazy all summer having to deal with all that hair. It feels equal parts bubbly teenager and sophisticated cool. 

Do you rock the side pony or braid?
All you long-haired girls, what's your favorite summer hairstyle to stay cool & chic?

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Seppy said...

I Love a nice side ponytail! I've been meaning to try out a fishtail which I think will come in handy on those humid days where my hair will just be unruly..!