Essentials for my carry-on bag

Happy Monday my dears!
Following up from my last post about the perfect travel outfit, today I wanted to share the necessities I carry with me on the plane or within easy reach when I'm traveling by car.
I've been fortunate to do a lot of traveling in my life and I'd like to think that I've perfected the art of the carry-on bag. My daily handbag is usually overstuffed with way too many things because I believe you can never be too prepared. But, when I travel I'm pretty good about pairing down and only carry the absolute essentials. 

Bag | Make sure the bag itself is durable. I am loving these sailcloth duffel from J. McLaughlin. It's the perfect size and you can get it monogrammed. Love.

Pouches | One of my favorite essentials is clear, organizing pouches from Truffle! They keep loose items together and off the bottom of your bag. Use them for makeup like powder, mascara and lipgloss (it's important to have a few things with you just in case your luggage gets lost in transit) 

Beauty | Other essentials in the beauty department include: travel breath fresheners or toothbrushes, hand sanitizer and face wipes.

Jewelry | I also suggest keeping your jewelry with you in your carry-on, again just in case your bags get lost. 

Electronics | Of course, you'll need an iPad or some other electronic device to keep you occupied during all those hours of waiting in the airport or in the passengers seat of a car. Another technology essential is a spare battery backup. These are little devices that are charged in your computer and then carry with with you to charge your phone or other electronics. They come in lots of cute, fun patterns and are a true lifesaver when your batter is drained.

Water | An empty, reusable water bottle is also a great thing to keep with you. Just fill it up once you pass security and you'll save yourself from having to buy over-priced drinks! I love the ones with the built in filter. 

Accessories | If you're traveling by plane, definitely take a lightweight scarf and extra pair of socks in your bag. You'll be happy you did once the cold, stale plane air is blasting. And while you're at it, don't forget the neck pillow! There are so many cool variations, including ones that massage and others with built in headphones.

Hope this helps when you're packing for your next trip!
Any essential items you think I missed?

Can't wait to see you back here Wednesday for a super fun guest post!
I'm so excited!


thebroguetrader said...

WANT that leopard battery pack!

Ruthie Rose said...

The monogram bag is a MUST! So perfect for travel. And we always carry our jewelry with us on the plane... You never want to pack that in your checked bag. Good call! xo

Miya @ Design Indulgences said...

magazines! I prefer not to listen to music on the flight and have a lot of mags to read through. Also snacks because plane food is boring.