Guest Post | Plan on It: Ashley's Organization

You guys! I am over the moon to have Ashley from One Fine Day here sharing her planner and organizational tips. We started out as Instagram friends and then I saw her blog...omg! I love her design aesthetic and she makes the most lovely, colorful posts. I've been thinking for a while now about featuring different creatives & how they stay organized, and I immediately knew I wanted to reach out to Ashley first. I am always so curious what other people's planners look like and what cute office supplies they're using. (Anyone else?! Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks that way!) 
So honored to have Ashley here today giving us a peek into her planner and the tools she uses to stay organized!


My sister said she always remembered the definition of Type-A because she associated it with Type-Ashley — that's me! When she told me this a few years ago, I beamed! I like to think I'm a list maker and organizing extraordinaire. In all honesty, I just have an affinity for paper and office supplies, and I suppose this is just another excuse to buy more of it! Because I take lots of pride in finding a great notepad or pen, the search for the perfect planner was a feat I didn't take lightly. It's taken me a few years to find THE one, and I'm so excited to share the details with you. Here's a glance at my favorite way to stay organized, along with a few fun accessories that help get the job done in style!

Russell + Hazel Mini Binder: Earlier this year, I bought my first Russell + Hazel binder and I'm obsessed. Depending on your needs, you can customize it with various inserts and file folders. I ended up choosing the monthly and weekly calendar options along with the address pages. Since I went this route, my planner also doubles as an address book. I like that you can pick and choose your own options to make the planner the most user-friendly to you and your needs.

Washi Tape: I'm a Washi Tape fanatic, so I'm always looking for different ways to use it. I was browsing Pinterest and saw someone incorporate it into their planner to color code the week's events. GENIUS! As soon as I got my binder, I loaded up on lots of colorful rolls and it's worked wonders. Not to mention, it's a cute way to stay on top of your schedule! I color code my week by appointments, blog posts, birthdays and holidays, etc.

Task Clips: This is a great way to prioritize tasks and section off your binder into specific categories.

Oops! Pencil Eraser: It's always good to have one of these handy. Go on and just pencil it in...

Mini Index Dividers: Because I wanted my binder to serve several purposes, I knew I'd need dividers to help section off the monthly calendars, weekly planners, addresses, and notes.

Tape Dispenser: Since I use Washi Tape regularly, I swapped the clear tape for colorful Washi instead. It's readily available on my desktop to be used for random tasks, but mostly for my planner.

Stick 'Em Up Notepads: I typically stick these in my planner with the day's to-do lists and reminders. List makers gonna list...

Ruler: A vibrant and handy tool to create charts and make lists.

LePen: I love these pens, especially for the purpose of writing in my planner. They don't smudge and they don't leave any marks on the pages underneath. SCORE!

Get It Done Notepad: As if I really need another notepad, this one has a quirky illustration that makes adding and crossing items off that pesky to-do list a lot more bearable. 

Work Hard & Be Kind Pencils: Because sometimes there are things you want to write down, but you're unsure of the date, time, etc. If I want to have the option to erase and move to a later date, I opt for a pencil instead. You might as well use something charming and it doubles as a darling desk accessory. 

How adorable is she?!
So happy we connected and that Ashley shared a bit of her office with us!
Thanks Ashley!

If you're an organization junkie and you'd like to feature your planner and tips here on the blog, 
please do drop me a line! I LOVE getting a peek into other people's planners!


madeleine said...

oh my goodness, the things I could accomplish if I was this organized! I like the idea of the customized planner, my lilly one isn't keeping me organized enough anymore!

Ashley Fine said...

Thanks for having me! You totally made my week:)

Taylor said...

I wish my planner looked like this!! so damn cute and organized!!


Cardigans and Chai said...

I love this! I'm obsessed with paper, office supplies, planners, lists, just all of it. I'm excited to see more posts in this series! I also think Ashley is just the cutest, her blog is so happy, so it makes sense that her planner is happy too!

Belinda said...

I found this post via Pinterest and I am now officially enabled.

I need everything that knockknock sells.

Thanks so much for the great post and for linking the sources.