The Perfect Travel Outfit

Even though the official start of summer is a few weeks away, I think the summer travel season is in full effect. When I was in the airport going to NYC last month, I noticed that way too many people wear pajamas. That's not ok. Like did they take a shower and then put them back on?! Let's all take the extra step to get dressed before we head on holiday! ;) 

I'm all about comfort though, so I've put together the perfect travel outfit. Whether you're heading to the airport or sitting in the car on a long road trip, you won't sacrifice style or comfort in this. (Stay tuned, I'll be back later this week, for more travel essentials including what to put in your carry-on bag!)

When I was putting this post together, I was planning on a trip to the Dominican Republic for my cousin's wedding, but as I mentioned last week, I had to cancel because of The Blo Bar's upcoming opening! (hashtag bittersweet) But I do have a trip planned to LA at the end of the summer to visit one of my most favorite girlfriends who will be back in the States from Israel. She completely gets me, like the sister I never had. Sometimes I really think we're the same person. Can't wait to soak up sun and palm trees with her.

Now tell me, where are you going this summer?


Lili said...

oh i need to try wearing maxi dresses when travelling instead of my lululemons :)

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

So chic! I would definitely wear this while traveling!
Sincerely, Sara

Shayda Nematollahi said...

Traveling to Toronto in a week! Deff inspired by this post! I think my maxi might be my go to! I'll keep you posted!

Miya @ Design Indulgences said...

my bday is the last day of summer so I'll be going to Arizona for the first time. Other than that, many trips to Chicago as always since that's Milwaukee's sister city.