It's that time of year where we change over our closets, bring out cozy sweaters and scarves and prepare for the cold months. A major staple in any fall and winter wardrobe is boots! 
One of the most frequently asked questions I receive from my clients and on social media is about finding the perfect fit and height of boots for different body types. Here's a look at the basic silhouettes of boots and tips on how to wear them.

The Bootie // Otherwise known as the ankle boot, this style is not the easiest to wear for the average woman. In order to elongate the leg, you want to prevent cutting the eye line at any point. But the problem is the bootie does just that--cuts the line of the leg at the ankle. However, this is such a hot style of boot this season you don't want to miss out. So in order to wear this boot silhouette and still create the illusion of long, lean legs make sure that you choose a bootie that has a wider ankle portion. You don't want the top of the boot that hits your ankle to be too tight. The bigger that part is, the smaller your ankle looks! Also, that adds to the ease of wear since there is a larger opening for you to slip your foot into. Stick with booties that have a small heel. That little bit of added height will also create the illusion of longer legs. The bootie is the best shoe to experiment with fun patterns and textures. You wouldn't want knee-high boots in a full floral pattern, but the bootie offers a smaller space to still show off those beautiful colors. 

The Calf Boot // This silhouette includes boots that come from above the ankle to the mid-calf. If you thought the bootie was going to be hard to pull off, then this type of boot is even harder. The boots hit at mid-calf or below, which for most women is not the most desirable place to draw attention to. But not to worry, the same rules apply with this silhouette. Make sure the boot is not too tight on your leg. Look for slouchy calf boots, they can create a lot of dimension and interest for an otherwise simple outfit. Buckles and studs are another fun embellishment for this type of boot. Because they're not as tall as the knee-high boots, most women can get away with more detail in this style. 

The Knee-High Boot // The most universally flattering style of boot is the knee-high. Everyone can wear this silhouette, it's just a matter of paying attention to proportions. The boots are going to be tight, so make sure your pants that are tucked into them are form-fitting as well. Then pair this combination with a looser blouse on top. This is the perfect fall outfit! Choose a brown and black pair with a low heel--the most common type is the riding boot, which is a major essential for winter dressing. It can be worn with nearly any bottom whether it's jeans, tights or a maxi skirt. It's comfortable enough because it has a low-heel and yet it adds a simple sophistication because of its hardware and equestrian feel. Also, I firmly believe that knee-high boots with a heel higher than about 2 inches should not be worn at all. It's nearly impossible to achieve a polished look with that silhouette. If you're going to wear knee-high boots, stick to a low wedge or kitten heel or better yet flats. For those of you with larger calves, don't despair! I have had many styling clients who wanted to give up because they could never pull knee-high boots fully above their calves. Stay away from pairs that have a zipper and look for styles that have a bit of elastic at the top that will stretch as fit to your calves. Fitzwell is a great, stylish brand of boots that makes several styles in wide calf. 

What's your favorite style of boots?

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I love this advice! You nailed it; every single one.

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