Pantone 2014 Color of the Year | Radiant Orchid

Pantone is the self-proclaimed authority on color and every year the company names the "it" color for that year, which seems to set the standard for everything from home decor to fashion to beauty. Pantone has named "Radiant Orchid" the 2014 color of the year. This isn't the most wearable and friendly color, especially considering their choices for years past. 2013 had a lovely emerald shade and a warm tangerine shade was the choice for 2012. Those colors were a lot easier to incorporate into our wardrobes and our homes. But, we're going to be seeing Radiant Orchid everywhere this year, so we gotta love it and we gotta learn how to use it. The good thing about this shade is that it can flatter all skin tones and hair types if worn appropriately.

As with any color, that's a bit out of the norm, it's important to start with small doses. My absolute favorite way to add any color to an outfit is with accessories. During this time of year, look for scarves or gloves in radiant orchid. I would steer clear of shoes, especially heels, in this color. Perhaps in the summer, you can add flip-flops or sandals with accents of radiant orchid. But until then, stick to the basics like a scarf or tank top. If you're feeling a little more bold, try a moto jacket or blazer.

If you want to try this color in the beauty realm, go for a nail polish in this pinky-purple tone, if you love it on your nails then move on to a lipstick. Start small and move your way up to incorporating more and more of the color.

For home decor, the same principles apply--start small. If you already know you love the hue, then by all means paint an entire room in it! But, if you want to stay on trend without overwhelming your senses with so much purple then opt for an accent wall, or a few accent pillows on a neutral couch, or a lamp in the corner of the room. Live with it for a while and then as you get more accustomed, you can slowly add in more pieces with the color. Another fabulous way to add color is with art. If you can't find anything that you love, then make it yourself! It's art for your home so it should reflect you and your style--what better way than to DIY! 

What do you think about Pantone's choice for 2014 color of the year? 
Do you love Radiant Orchid? 
Would you incorporate it in your beauty, fashion or home decor?

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