Life + Love Lessons

Every time I come across a quote I like, I pin it. Every time I come across a quote I LOVE, I save it in a little folder that holds thousands of pictures that I may or may not ever look at again. But I find a certain peace in knowing that it's there on my Mac's desktop, holding hidden treasures of inspiration. 

This morning, I was browsing through that folder and came across this one.
I think it's timely considering Valentine's Day is tomorrow and some of us are lucky in love and some of us are still searching. But I think this is so perfect for a broader life lesson too….it's easy to get discouraged in so many daily tasks from meaningful to mundane. We can't find our keys, we can't find the super important document, so many things seem to be eluding us on an everyday basis. 
So just keep looking. Smile a little smile, keep your head up and march on.
You'll find it. One day. 
And if I may add my own little advice, sometimes what you're looking for is really right there in front of you -- you just can't see it because you forgot what it looks like….or perhaps, thought it would look completely different.

lots of love to you my dears

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