Hey there friends! Just wanted to share a few of my favorite #ootd via my Instagram feed. It's been freezing for two months straight and here in the South, that's just unacceptable. 
I'm happy to report, the sun has returned in full force and we're back in the 60s. HOORAY!
While you can't really tell from these photos, my personal style has truly evolved in the past year or so to very clean and simple pieces. I'm drawn to basic and neutral colors with a pop of pizazz (hello, snakeskin pants) or tons of accessories. 

As I've been focusing on huge projects in the past year (ahem, a salon) I feel that I've really neglected this blog of mine. That was never my intention because this fun little space got me started in this big ol' world of social media, which has lead to so many amazing things. So, I'm circling back to my roots ;) and making it a priority to devote more time and loving to this pretty little place.
Stay tuned friends, lots of fun coming your way! And as always, you can catch up and keep up with my happenings via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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