The Power of Positive Thinking

I have been busy. Like, not in a cute 'I'm so stressed' kinda way….I mean literally, overwhelmingly busy. And it seems like every day a new big project/task is added to my list of things to do.

Yesterday, I was almost sick from thinking about everything I needed to get done. All throughout the day, I just kept looking at my to-do list, and deliberately ignoring it. As if I could just will it away. I got a few things that were timely done, but all-in-all I wasn't very productive but still felt tired and defeated.

But today, I had an epiphany -- these tasks I've been dreading, well they exist because I've accomplished so many other incredible things! [Yes, I'm talking taxes] So instead of approaching my long list with a dreadful attitude, I made myself get excited & be thankful that I have a wildly successful business that requires me to do taxes. YAYYY!
Better than not having it, right?! 

Here's to the power of positive thinking! 
Simple but profound.
I know it's nothing new and you all know this already, but sometimes it's nice to have a reminder. And even better that I was able to pull myself together and remember that I already knew this. Is that what growing up is all about?? ;)

Today's takeaway:
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[ps] - I know that green juice looks gross, but it's absolutely delicious and serves as a fabulous on-the-go breakfast


scout.send.receive. said...

Adorable notepad!

Carolina Charm said...

Good perspective! It also helps to tackle the WORST thing on your list first! Then the rest doesn't seem so bad. :)

Jen said...

So true! Positivity is something we all know we should strive for-- but it definitely helps to be reminded that shifting your perspective can make things seem a million times better.

Thanks for that reminder!