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It's been awhile since I've done a life lately post. Nothing too crazy happening around here but here's a little peek via my Instagram!

Last month, I ventured off to San Francisco to visit some of my best girl friends! There's a group of 6 of us that were close friends when we all lived in Chicago almost 10 years ago. These women are pretty fabulous -- stylish, SMART (we're talking double Harvard grads, lawyers, and save the world kind of doctors) , and so incredibly supportive. Seriously, I can be so real and pretty much tell them anything without judgement on their part. Not that my life is so scandalous but still, you know what I mean ;) I feel very comfortable around them, at easy and totally like myself. It's hard to find that kind of true friendship so I'm extra grateful for these lovely ladies. Every one of us is spread out all over the US now but we still keep in touch via regular email updates and try to have a girls trip a few times a year! 

These photos are the perfect recap of my trip: lots of pastries, a little bit of sightseeing, and  pretty views on the way to more eating.

We visited the original La Boulange bakery that was purchased by Starbucks!

Lyon Street Steps

Beautiful street vendors on our walk to dinner

I returned from my mini-vacay majorly inspired, motivated and refreshed!
And then...I lightened my hair!
I haven't done anything major to my hair in probably close to 10 years. I barely trim off the ends and I do cover up my grays [ahem] but other than, it's just long, brown and wavy.
I recently saw this picture of Khloe Kardashian and I was in love!

So I immediately knew I wanted it but also knew it wasn't going to be easy, considering how dark my hair is. Thank goodness I own a hair salon with the absolute best hairstylists in Oklahoma! ;) Seriously, I would not have done this to my hair if I didn't own The Blo Bar

Sorry for the dressing room selfie, but seriously didn't it turn out amazing?! I had a hard time finding proper lighting that would show the true color of my hair. Well this has an Instagram filter on it, but still…

And then something equally as exciting (!), I got a new Filofax! I know, I know. But I love organization and this new Filofax Original in patent nude is beautiful. I've been on a major hunt for a planner that I love, and this is it (for now….) 
Check out my YouTube channel for a better look! 

And ps- the reason I purchased this Filofax because it reminded me so much of the Chanel Les Beiges sheer powder! 

Also, last week rehearsals for Legally Blonde: The Musical began! I'm so super excited and so super nervous at the same time. I am by no means an actress, I just thought it would be fun to try my hand at community theatre and I love this musical! I'm playing Chutney so it's not a huge role but it's pretty dramatic and I'm definitely stepping outside my comfort zone for this one. So far, so good. For the most part my nights are totally consumed with these rehearsals and I love being surrounded by so many incredibly talented people! This show is going to be amazing -- the people of Oklahoma are in for a treat! 

And finally, I had a wonderful Mother's Day with my mom over the weekend. We had a pretty low-key brunch, popped by Starbucks to try out the new Oprah Chai, which we thought tasted exactly like the normal chai (what's the big deal?!), and then had a big dinner that night with lots of friends and family. I feel very fortunate to live close to my parents after living so far away for almost 10 years. 

That's it! 
My life in a nutshell the past month or so. 
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