My New Customized Personal Planner & Giveaway!

You guys! I LOVE my new Personal Planner! 
So grateful to Lisa and the whole team at Personal Planner for sending it to me. 
Check out my YouTube video to see how I'm using it!
And the most exciting part! 
Lisa has generously offered to giveaway a voucher to one of you to make your own planner! 
Enter below! xo


In the video, I mistakenly said Lisa is the owner, but she is the Marketing Manager in the US. The owners are Anders and Paula Lundberg, and they both live on a farm in Sweden. Here's how Lisa tells the story: 

Their story of how Personal Planner was born is actually pretty cute. Paula, who was a student, complained to her husband Anders that all the planners she saw in the store were boring. So Anders designed and printed a planner just for her! Paula shared it on her blog, people loved it, and Anders started making planners in the basement to other people who asked for personalized planners. After a couple of months Anders was swamped with orders and he quit his job to fully focus on this. This was 2006, and today we are sending planners to all over the world! :)

Also, GOOD NEWS! Personal Planner will soon offer a monthly view! How's that for customer service!

And even more good news! Lisa and the team at Personal Planner is offer 15% discount code! 
At checkout, just enter: M-AEBA-DIYA!
Ok, now the giveaway. Good luck!

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