Obsessed. Kylie Jenner's Iridescent Chanel Boy Bag!

Kylie Jenner. Love her or hate her. Doesn't really matter --- LOOK AT HER NEW BAG!

I actually became obsessed with this new 2016 Chanel Cruise Collection before Kylie debuted hers, back when I saw Alex from HRH Collection share her new violet iridescent Chanel classic flap bag in a recent vlog. At first, I thought I loved the classic flap....and then I saw this. The boy bag.  I, like Kylie, didn't really think I was a fan of the boy bag. And then I saw this. 

Ever since, I find myself aimlessly searching for it during late night online shopping fests or even when I have some downtime during work. I love this bag. Absolutely love. And y'all know how picky I am, it's rare for me to love an article of clothing / accessory. I've shared my spending philosophy in the past, but basically if I love something I'm most likely going to buy it. While I know this method of "budgeting" is not for everyone, it works for me because as I mentioned, I rarely love anything. And because I'm focusing on simplifying my life. So I feel fine purchasing items that I MUST have. (Also, I'm a #girlboss and I work super hard so.....) And let me tell you, I must have iridescent leather that's topped with shimmery colorful iridescent hardware. 
Oh yes, I must. 

What do you guys think? Do you love this bag or what?!


Miranda Dimmerling said...

Saw this bag today in store and may purchase it tomorrow! Also comes in bronze and purple!

Nora Dominguez said...

Did you get it? Its gorgous! I say go for it...