My Observations on Leadership & Top Tips for Leaders

Being a leader - whether it's in a professional setting, among friends, or within your family - is never an easy task. It takes a humble posture of learning as well balanced with a bold nature. Here are my musings and tips on how to be a better leader:

Write it out.

Use an index card and write out your life lessons, your mantra, your vision, all the things that make your leadership style unique. Your entire leadership acumen should be able to be summarized on that card. I know it's a surprising thought, but distilling and curating our best advice into a manageable size will allow us to share it with others more easily. It's important to have a clear, teachable leadership mantra and style.

There's a difference between success and significance. 

We are constantly bombarded with the term success and what it means to achieve it. And while financial success and independence is certainly a worthy goal, I believe it's also important for us to think about the legacy we are leaving behind -- our significance.  Significance can utilize the same skills and knowledge that we would use to become successful, but there is one key difference - using those skills to serve others. Then we have a true impact, change people's lives and leave our footprint on the world. This is a great time to clarify your purpose and what you're truly working towards. The bigger picture.

Keep on learning.

We should always strive to increase our knowledge base within not only our industry but also other areas as well. Broadening our horizons helps us to stay inspired and think creatively. It also increases our compassion which is a key component to being a truly impactful leader.

Keep on keepin' on.

I truly believe perseverance is the one of the most crucial characteristics of being a leader [and really just an adult in general ;)] Life is hard. Leadership is hard.  Just remember that we are all humans going through the same human experiences, sometimes at different levels and different intensities, but we are all essentially one. A true leader keeps their head up and focus' on the path ahead and encourages others to do the same.

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