Prepping for 2017 | Filofax Saffiano Gold A5 Agenda & Notebook!

How To Choose A Planner for 2017

It's the best time of the year! Time to pick out a new planner and other organization tools ;) As we begin to prep for 2017 and all that the new year will bring, I like to explore different options for getting and staying organized. 

I've made several YouTube videos in the past, and I will show y'all even more choices in the next few months on how to choose a planner for 2017. 
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Let's kick it off this year with the stunningly gorgeous gold saffiano series from Filofax
If you've been with me for a while, you know I am an avid fan of Filofax and the customization options they offer! The team at Filofax was gracious enough to gift me a couple items from their new GOLD line. OMG.

First, let's talk about the notebook. I am OBSESSED! This has literally everything I have ever wanted in a notebook. I love the spiral but you can also insert and remove pages as you wish. The best!

The A5 size, 6 ring binder is of course beautiful and functional as well. The Saffiano fabrication is sturdy and chic with that signature cross-hatching (think the gorgeous Prada Saffiano bags!) It also has a bit of a cushion so it is a thicker binder. 

The card slots are perfect for added organization. And there's a pen loop too!

As with any 6 ring binder -- you can customize this to no end! Filofax provides a dashboard and dividers, as well as a weekly calendar. 

However, there are tons of options for custom dashboards and calendars. 
Check out my tutorial for making your own custom dividers! 

And of course, no planner would be complete without my adorable planner stickers! 
There are so many fabulous, chic options to choose from. 

(And check out my accompanying video for instructions on how to print your own planner stickers. Super easy!)

Do you have a Filofax planner?
What system will you be using to stay organized in 2017?

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