Learning How To Meal Plan | What I Eat In A Day

I've been on a mission to reduce my sugar and gluten intake and eat clean. For me, that means making more meals at home. But, I had to learn how to meal plan -- it seems so easy but it does require some effort. I am not one to follow recipes out of a cookbook but I love to get inspiration from different places like YouTube (duh...) and others who are also on this journey.  I follow Cara from The Champagne Diet on Snapchat and she often shares her meals -- she is great! I highly recommend checking her out (for other things like women's empowerment & inspiration too!). 

Check out my YouTube video below to see what I eat in a typical day. 
I've included my menu below as well. Check out my video for recipes (more like preparation instructions -- I like easy meals)

 What I Eat In A Day

Brussel sprouts, sweet potato hash on top of hardboiled eggs wrapped in corn tortilla
Iced coffee with Trader Joe's coconut creamer

Trader Joes Pumpkin Tortilla Chips (gluten free!)
Trader Joes Beet Hummus with Baby Carrots

Salad: romaine lettuce, pears, walnuts, gorgonzola cheese and homemade dressing
Dressing: mix lemon juice, honey, olive oil, salt & pepper (shake to combine)

Soup: mix bouillon cubes, mushrooms, bok choy, and buckwheat noodles (gluten free!)
Garnish with soy sauce and fresh basil leaves

Chocolate Mint Black Tea from Target
(it actually tastes & smells like chocolate mint and helps satisfy my cravings for something sweet!)

Drink (all day!)
Mix water with a splash of rose water and Splenda or other artificial sweetener

Please do leave me a comment and let know how you meal plan and where you get inspiration.

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