How To Choose A Planner & Get Organized for 2017

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is How To Choose A Planner. Whether you're new to organizing and just want to get started or you're an expert at the organization game, choosing a planner can be so daunting. There are so many options!

First up, let's talk about the basic type of planner categories. The biggest choice you need to make is the way the planner is bound -- spiral vs 6 ring binder. There are pros and cons to each type. A spiral planner can be more compact and easier to store on your desk, but a 6 ring binder (like Filofax) offers way more customization options.

The next thing to consider is the page layout. Do you need one day per page? How many activities will you be tracking? Do you have a lot of appointments? Will a week on two pages suffice? Do you like a timetable to be included to keep track of your how you use your time?

Check out my YouTube video for a closer look into some planner options. I recommend all of these planners! Just depends on which one fits your needs. Also, as I mention in the video, be flexible! You may need to change out your planner until you find an organization system that works for you!

Also, as you begin to prepare for 2017 (it's so close!), don't forget to pick up my new 2017 Planner Sticker Set! This DIY sticker set is super easy to download and print - it will help you get organized in the new year!


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