Happy 2017! How To Have The Best Year Ever!

I know, I know. Ideally, we should have gotten ready for 2017 BEFORE the new year began. But if you've been with me a while, you've no doubt heard me say....you can start fresh whenever you want! A truth be told, I spent the holiday season relaxing and spending time with loved ones -- not prepping for the new year. So now here we are, January 3, 2017 and I'm finally getting myself organized. So let's dive into my suggestions and what I'm actually doing to set myself up to have the best year ever -- one that is productive, organized and joyful.

1. Make A Manifestation Board

This is such a powerful concept! But honestly, it's pretty much the same thing as a vision board. Putting your hopes, dreams, and goals into a physical form really does help them come true. It's a visual reminder of what you're working towards. 

2. Pick Your One Little Word or Your Monthly Theme

I LOVE the idea of choosing a theme for each month. It helps to break down your goals and make them more achievable. Plus our seasons change so we can change our theme accordingly. But I think choosing a word or phrase for the entire year is a good idea too! Take some time to think this through. What do you want to accomplish in 2017? How do you want to feel? 

3. Choose & Setup Your Planner

Being organized comes in many different shapes & forms. So take a little time to explore the different calendar / planner options and choose what you think will be a good fit for you. If you have no idea where to start, I made a video talking about the basics of choosing a planner and reviewing some different planner options. That should be a big help!

And then once you've picked your planner for the new year, now comes the fun part: setting it up! If you're going with a 6 ring binder, you'll have a little bit more work in front of you. But even if you choose a spiral-bound planner, take some time to put in important days and events as well as your theme for each month or season! You can play around with stickers and different inserts -- the possibilities are endless! I designed a 2017 Planner Sticker Set with monthly stickers, daily little reminders and a place for you to write out your own goals. Check it out here. Also, here's a look at my 2017 Planner Setup to give you some ideas!

4. Practice Gratitude

Take some time to write out the things you were thankful for in 2016. What went well? What did you accomplish? What made you happy? And most importantly -- Who are you grateful to have in your life? Spend 5 minutes writing a quick thank you email or mail a card to those people who played a vital part in your life this past year. As I posted recently on Instagram, a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles!

5. Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts

I talked about this in my recent video on how I was getting ready for the new year, but go through your social media accounts and make sure the accounts you are following still serve your purpose. Also, make sure you're still following the accounts you want to follow. Clean up any old photos in your feed that don't fit your aesthetic. And most importantly, update your profile picture! It's a new year, start fresh!

6. Clean Up Your Inbox

First of all, DELETE any old emails or archive them. If you're a Gmail user, make folders and develop a system for dealing with your emails. I sometimes use my emails as a to-do list (horrible, I know) so I take time to go through my unread emails and make sure there aren't urgent matters that need to be taken care of. And for the love of all that is good and holy, UNSUBSCRIBE from emails subscription lists that are pointless and just clutter your inbox.

7. Clean Your Technology

Take the case off your cell phone and iPad and get those little crumbs out of there ;) Clean your technology with a sanitizing wipe and let everything breathe a little. Now is a good time to go through your phone and delete unused and unwanted apps, photos and contacts. Clean it out!!

8. Take Care of Admin Type Things

I consider any of the non-fun [aka boring ;)] life things we all have to do: admin. Although this isn't the  most category, it's essential. So set aside a little time to take care of these admin type things and put a structure in place so it's easy peasy moving forward. Put insurance verification in your car and in your wallet, make sure you have a place for incoming mail, review old bills and shred unnecessary papers, auto-schedule as many bills as possible.

9. Review Your Budget & Finances

I know I have said this before, but as women it is critical, essential, imperative that we be educated about MONEY! Learn about it. And pay attention to your own money. Log into your bank accounts and look at the numbers. You cannot make any changes in your financial life until you understand what is going on! Check out my financial basics video to learn more.

10. Get Your Head On Straight

I know we all have stress and difficulties in our life. Make a conscious effort to let go of the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back and no longer serve you. I don't think that is going to happen overnight nor will you be able to just magically let go of it all and never think another negative thought. Recognize and appreciate that it's a process. But also make a decision that you are going to walk down this path now. And keep moving forward. More self-love and positive self-talk. More affirmations and manifestations of abundance and joy. 

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