On Defending Ourselves... (and weekend fun!)

What a weekend! 🌞 I kicked it off Wanderlust 108 at Santa Monica Pier​.  t was a wellness festival full of cool people, my favorite brands like Rx Bar and Healthade, and lost of activities like yoga and a 5k. The weather in LA was perfect, albeit a bit hot in the sun. So fun to have custom flower crowns made and frolic around the beach surrounded by like minded people. I was lucky enough to get tickets from Rx Bar!

On Sunday, Milk and Eggs - Farm & Food Delivery​ threw a PAR-TAY The Container Yard​! Lots of local food, music and fun. It was the best! Local chefs were creating dishes on the spot using locally-sourced ingredients. More of my favorite brands again like Healthade were there too. There was a Photo Booth and an Urban Farm Container - the future of farming! Seriously, I haven't been to an event that amazing in a long time. It was in the Arts District of LA so that alone made so cool. And of course, Milk and Eggs spoiled us with an amazing gift bag full of goodies.

Then last night I had a mini epiphany. I was with friends & the conversation turned to....basically my lifestyle. How I make my own almond milk now (πŸ’πŸ») & adaptogens & all the other things I'm doing. I found myself subconsciously defending my choices. I was saying things like "I know y'all think I'm crazy, but..." As I was reflecting, I realized that's ridiculous. Even though it was a subtle little phrase, it's not necessary. I don't have to defend anything. Even to my friends. I feel amazing & I'm happy. So I encourage you to make sure you're speaking positively about yourself - in all scenarios whether big or small! Happy May, friends!

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Krystal // Village said...

yes yes!! we should never defend ourselves...i loved hearing this...its something i do sometimes but never think about or put in to words. perfect.