Planning for 2018 | How To Do Year End Review | Part I

In case you missed it, I have a new group on Facebook called B Well by Mae B. Every month, I plan to host a free challenge to address various aspects of life and how we can, quite simply, live well. (Please join us, if you haven't already - it's free!) 

I asked the group to vote and we all decided that December's challenge should focus on planning for 2018. So we'll be discussing various areas throughout the entire month of December! I will not be posting everything here on the blog, so if you'd like to participate or just get the info, please do join the group!

Before we jump into goals & organization, let’s take some time to review 2017. 

That’s an extremely important first step! 

A few things to consider: 

1. What went right? Celebrate your wins & accomplishments!

2. What didn’t get finished?

3. What do you want to add to next year? (activities / projects / people / anything you want more of in your life)

4. How did you FEEL this year? 

5. What’s the most important area you focused on in 2017?

I encourage you to set aside about 20-30 minutes to think about these questions (and anything else you want to review) and actually WRITE down your answers. Writing is such a powerful tool for planning and manifestation! Feel free to comment below or in the B Well by Mae B group with any questions and share your answers if you'd like!

Here's to the best year yet!

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Olga Olis said...

Such great questions!!! I will be reviewing this year and I'm so excited for 2018!!!

Olga from Myme