Manifestation + Affirmation Planner Stickers & Journal Prompts

This Manifestation + Affirmation Planner Sticker Set combines two of my favorite things: organization and mindset. It includes 2 pages of journal prompts and headers, planner stickers, affirmations and mindset tools to help you achieve your goals and manifest your desires. There is so much value in this set. Planners and journals are essential to a manifestation routine — they help clear your mind, organize your thoughts and execute on big plans.

DIY planner stickers are so easy to print! I’ve got some DIY tips for you all here, but basically you just need to buy clear (or white) full sheet shipping labels (these are my favorite) and print in color. The full sheet labels are basically just one big sticker! Then you can use scissors to cut out your stickers. When you purchase my Manifestation + Affirmation Planner Stickers & Journal Prompts – the file is yours forever! So you get UNLIMITED stickers! Print as many as you like!

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