Mae's Personal + Business Background

Raised in the South on strong morals and football, that place holds my family, many memories, my college years, and my heart. Moved to the Big Sparkly City for law school where I learned that corporate and couture do mix and if you try, you really can be a glamorous socialite and socially conscious at the same time. Corporate Americaland beckoned after graduation and I worked as a lawyer, walking around in someone else’s shoes that didn’t quite fit. So I decided to create my own path. Moved to a little city off the coast of the Mediterranean to try to do my small part to help build a better world. Best three years of my life! Moved back to the US and it’s been non-stop ever since. Believe in living a life dedicated to serving others and thinking positive thoughts because they become our reality. Have a permanent case of wanderlust and love world travel, pretty paper & the Internet. Currently work as a lawyer, entreprenuer + personal and business development consultant. Oh and make YouTube videos and design a line of luxury accessories (+planner stickers!) for professionals. It’s the good life!I’ve seen it all - from working as a corporate lawyer in an office on the 57th floor of the Sears Tower in Downtown Chicago to owning a full-service salon & spa in smalltown USA.  I’ve had a hand in corporate mergers & acquisitions, strategic communications and crisis management. I’ve built companies from the ground up, created content for social media, and launched new products. The diversity in my educational and business background has served me well as a development consultant guiding others to lead organized, productive lives and create wildly successful business empires. I’d love to work with you! Whether it’s during a 1-on-1 session or if you participate in one of my seminars, I look forward to connecting!  


Tabitha Lynn said...

Love love love this! So happy to have come across your page!!


cheryl denise said...

wow - what a great life you've had already! excited to follow your blog...

a peek of chic

Moody said...

Lovely blog, Mae :) You're obviously in your element. Enjoy!

Mariah said...

My daughters name is Lili. I haven't seen it around anywhere else before. My very humble blog is Love the name, used it in my blog title too. :)

blue elephant photography said...

love it! i'm glad you and photoshop are getting along. it can be fun promise!

Tamra {ever swoon} said...

You are a pro already!!! Love your new about page. I need help w/photoshop TERRIBLY. x

Erika [small shop] said...

Congrats on the new skillz! You're an inspiration Mae!

Rashel said...

Mae you are the cutest! I love your blog. Keep up the amazing work.

xoxo Rashel

Brandi said...

Amazing work Mae! I will definitely be keeping tabs on the blog.

Miri C said...

Love your Lookbook! Inspiring :)

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