Personal + Product Styling


launching Summer 2014 | currently accepting applications

+ Month-long course, focusing on a different foundational element and theme each week
+ Weekly lessons emailed on Sunday evenings
+ Create outfits based on the theme and upload photos to a private group
+ Receive personalized feedback directly from Mae on each outfit 
+ Small group of 4 to 6 women
$100 / 1 month


+ Identify your style and image goals
+ Create customized styling strategy and shopping list
+ 1 hour session
+ Virtual sessions available


+ Hands-on closet intervention to examine all pieces in your wardrobe
+ Enhance what is working, donate what's not, organize it all
+ An objective look at the wardrobe you have built
+ Examination of your body type
+ Learn the why's an how's to develop skills and tools to replicate this process in future
+ Half day session (4 hours)
$350 ($30 per additional hour)


+ I'll be your personal stylist for the day, let's go shopping!
+ Agenda based on personal styling strategy and budget established previously
+ I'll pull items best-suited for your body type, coloring and lifestyle. 
+ Fill in essentials or trendy items, make sure the gaps in your wardrobe are covered
+ Implementation is key, day ends with a visit to your closet to incorporate newly purchased pieces into your wardrobe and style them with your existing items.
+ Half day session (4 hours)
+ Virtual sessions with online resources available
$350 ($30 per additional hour)


+ Love your closet full of clothes, but want a fresh perspective on how to style them? This is for you!
+ Invested in beautiful pieces but need help incorporating them with your current wardrobe and style?
+ Maximize your clothes, remix and build outfits and shop your closet
+ Identify pieces you love and want to wear more, those you want to wear differently and those you just can't figure out how to wear
+ We'll document what we create so you have a resource to refer back to
+ 2-3 hour session


+ Attending a wedding or special occasion but need a dress to wear? 
+ Taking a fabulous trip and need some help figuring out what to buy/pack?
+ Online shopping list and virtual styling board provided for each outfit
$30 per hour


+ I'm just an email away!
+ Monthly service that helps with styling questions, gift ideas, advice for dressing for big event, whatever you need!
$150 per month

Please contact me to schedule a consultation or if you need help figuring out which plan is best for you!

I have worked with several Etsy shops and other small businesses to style their products for photo shoots and provide photographs for websites. I also love to work with brands to review, style and feature their products on my blog. If you have a product that you feel fits my aesthetic and that you'd like to introduce to my readers + social media followers through a giveaway then please contact me!