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Let's keep it real:  the majority of my photos come from Pinterest.  I strive to always give credit and link to the source, but sometimes it slips past me or I simply cannot find it.  If you see your image on this site, send me a note and I'm happy to give credit and link back.  Or if you'd prefer for it to be removed, just let me know.  But hopefully I won't have to do that because if I picked it, I think it's lovely!

This blog is copyrighted by Maybe Enterprises, LLC.  Unless noted, everything is my original content & has been created by me with love for this little blog of mine.   If you'd like to borrow something, it's no problem...please be sure to ask, credit, and link back.  Thank you!

I absolutely love hearing from you!  All I ask is that you be nice.  Pretty please.  Also, do leave your name.  I promise I won't sell your email address or anything crazy like that.

Occasionally I get amazing offers to work with some pretty fabulous brands and designs. I will always disclose this information.  Please know that if and when I decide to feature a product, it's because I absolutely love it...regardless of whether it was gifted to me or if I bought it.  And best of all most of the time, these partnerships also include an opportunity for me to give away an item to my fabulous readers!

This blog is a member of affiliate networkS and does contain certain affiliate links. What exactly does that mean for you? If you click and/or make a purchase using certain (not all) links on this site, I may receive a small (trust me, it's small) commission based on those purchases and/or clicks. It's kinda like my tip jar! ;) Again, all opinions are my own and are never bought.

This project started as a creative endeavour and I will forever keep that at its core.  My personal values and the standards of conduct for my profession are the guiding lights on this one.  If you have any questions about my partnership & sponsorship policy, please contact me


All stickers are lovingly designed by hand by me. Thank you so much for supporting my shop! Please do not redistribute the files after you have purchased them. All files are for personal use only and may not be sold. 


I love to share the things I love! As stated above, my online presence (and all social media channels associated with it) is simply a labor of love and a creative outlet for me. These social media channels are not my main sources of income and my opinions cannot be bought. Sometimes I receive products for my consideration and review. I accept these products if they initially match my aesthetic. After having a chance to personally review, if I love the product and I believe it would be a good fit for my community members, then I share it through YouTube videos, blog posts and/or Instagram. I am very picky and have extremely high standards! ;) So please know that if I share something that I received free of charge, then I made a very intentional decision to do so because I think it's amazing! If you are representing a company which wishes to send me a product or review, please feel free to email me. However, my acceptance of products does not in any way guarantee promotional posts. I love to support female entrepreneurs and their products if it's something that works well with my lifestyle. Thanks so much for thinking of me and my community!


Before we get started, a contractual agreement setting out the terms, conditions, and payment pertaining to the partnership will be signed and provided to both parties.  Consulting services do not establish an attorney/client relationship.  Suggestions are offered based on personal experience and do not pertain to the laws of the state.  Please refer to the contract for terms of service.


I must tell you that yes, I'm a licensed attorney but absolutely nothing on this site consistutes legal advice or contractual relationship unless otherwise stated.  Can't a girl just have some fun? ;)

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