I'm often asked about what products I would recommend to those just starting out in the planner community. Here's a look at my top picks as well as direct links to where you can buy them! I've also linked some of my more popular YouTube tutorials that may help!

My favorite laminator! Such a great value because it comes with 100 laminating sheets! 

If you want to make your own stickers at home (check my SHOP for the cutest ones you ever did see!) 
but don't have a Silhouette, definitely use these clear labels! They make cutting the stickers by hand so easy!
*please note that different printers & papers will produce different results


New to the planner community? 
Check out my YouTube video to help answer some of the most common questions about getting started 
organizing with a Filofax / planner / agenda.

The first video is my general thoughts on the planner community as well as my favorite planner supplies. And the second video is more specific with FAQ and tools I use to be productive.

[ps- the second video was one of the first YouTube videos I ever filmed! so please watch with grace! ;) 
thankfully, I'm much better now haha!]