What is a Life Strategist? How To Work With Me!

Many of you know that I used to work as a lawyer in corporate mergers & acquisitions and pharmaceutical patent litigation. What you may not know is what I do now! I get asked all the time if Instagram / social media is my full-time job — it’s not! It’s a super fun hobby that I love but my day job revolves around a few different areas. I work as a business advisor and consultant to physicians and surgeons, helping them grow and scale their businesses. I also work as a life strategist for individuals.

So what exactly is a life strategist? I mentor individuals and help them live a joyfully curated life that is led with intention and purpose. I help them get laser focused and walk a path to success. I help them with career transitions and business launches. I help them with health and wellness goals and a myriad of other areas of life.

You may be wondering is that basically a life coach? Well, no. A life strategist is different than a life coach, and my personal approach to advising is quite unique. While I have completed my training as a Master Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, I believe in collaborate mentorship and strategic consulting. That means while I am trained in the techniques of life coaching, when you work with me, you get so much more including my assessment, input and ideas. I don’t just simply ask coaching questions and give you things to think about. I’m about action and strategy. That is what brings about massive shifts and results.

As a life strategist, I give you framework and structure — that puts you on the fast track to success. In our sessions we address a variety of areas from business to personal. They are lead by you and your goals.

I’m currently enrolling a small number of private clients and also offer a virtual support program as well.  This may be the only opportunity to work privately with me this year, so if you feel the desire to collaborate then please reach out!

Below is more information about both pathways. If you’re interested in working with me, I’d be happy to discuss if we’re a right fit. Please send me an email for an application.

Unlimited Virtual Support (1:1)

A rare and affordable opportunity to work directly with me to get personalized support and mentorship via email. You’ll receive strategic guidance to get moving on whatever you’re working on whether it’s a specific project, career transition, health goal or growing your business.

  • Initial email assessment including guided questions, journaling prompts, support framework and homework assignments
  • Unlimited email support

Investment: $319 per month // No minimum required 

Apply for Unlimited Virtual Support via Email

Mentorship + Advising (1:1)

An all-access pass to receive a deeper level of support along with my assessment and expertise on ANY & ALL areas that you want to focus on — whether it’s personal development, health or building your business and brand.  This path is unlike any other — think of this as a life coach, business consultant and wellness concierge all in one program. This hybrid program includes calls that are driven by you & your goals as well as email support where you can ask for suggestions, celebrate wins and strategize. You’ll receive access to my custom-developed program that I have used with hundreds of professionals to get clarity, execute big goals and achieve true success.

Together we’ll create holistic strategies for massive impact in all areas of life. We will: get laser focused, raise your vibe, strengthen your mindset, create a simple & sustainable wellness routine (including food), strategize your life and/or business!

  • 2 x 1 hour private consulting calls monthly
  • Email support

Investment: $919 per month //  3 or 6 month program commitment required

Apply for Mentorship + Advising via Email

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