Whole 30: Week 2 | No Desserts! Parties & Events, What I Ate + My Experience

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Well….Week 2 was hard! Not because of the Whole 30 program necessarily but because of several external factors. First of all, I had a lot of lunch meetings! And a lot of events that revolved around food! It was tough to resist temptation.  (If you haven’t yet caught up with my journey and how to prepare for Whole 30, start with the recap of Week 1 here)

The beginning of week 2 started out with an easy breezy lunch meeting. I got a spinach salad with strawberries, pine nuts and salmon. I verified that the balsamic glaze didn’t have added sugar and I was good to go! So delicious.

I had been craving sugar though. Well, just dessert in general. I was starting to feel a little sick from all the meat and veggies. You know how you just feel heavy after a meal? I felt like I wanted something to cut the taste. So I decided to sauté an organic apple in Fourth & Heart Vanilla ghee, added some almonds and golden raisins and topped with Barney Butter sugar free almond butter. It was PERFECT. Exactly what I was craving and just hit the spot. I had that for dinner one night early in the week. Well sure enough, I got a ton of messages from you guys that it’s not technically Whole 30 compliant. I just couldn’t understand why all the ingredients individually were Whole 30 compliant but mixed together they were not. So I reached out to Whole 30 on Instagram. This is the answer they gave me!

So basically, Whole 30 does not permit desserts or treats because it is feeding old habits and perpetuating the problem of us being reliant on sugar. Makes total sense. I still loved eating that apple though 😉

I had lunch with my good friend Britney from FittyBritttty on Instagram (if you’re not following her, you are missing out! She is such an inspiration — she lost 80 lbs! And is just a ray of sunshine!) We walked to Whole Foods and made salads from the salad bar. That is the *perfect* solution for Whole 30. Then we walked to a park and ate in the beautiful LA weather! Woohoo! Here’s my salad, it doesn’t look that great but it was amazing: spinach, romaine, broccoli, tomatoes, roasted potatoes, tuna, chicken, artichokes, peas and balsamic dressing.

I stopped by the Whole Foods salad bar a few more times throughout the week. It’s just so easy and convenient. It’s not the most affordable to eat there every day, I realize that.

As a side note, one of the most common questions I get is how to eat healthy on a budget. I get it, organic, healthy food can be expensive (not to mention all the potions, etc — that adds so much more!) Check out my YouTube video for all my very best tips on how to eat clean affordably — it definitely is possible!

If you can’t make it to Whole Foods, try Sprouts — they also have a great salad bar and it may be a little cheaper! I loved this meal that I put together from the Whole Foods salad bar:

Once again roasted potatoes and chicken. Plus mushrooms and salad with shredded rainbow carrots, watermelon radish and spring mix dressed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I also picked up a GT’s kombucha. It is the only kombucha I’ve found that is Whole 30 compliant because it doesn’t have added sugar. The only sugars come from the fruit juice they add. So I think it’s ok. I can’t give up my booch!

So the end of the week is when things got tricky! I attended a gala party with the City of Beverly Hills and was faced with so many delicious food options. It was tempting but I was able to stay away from carbs, gluten, sugar and dairy! Just ate lots of chicken! 😉

I was invited to attend The Eat Show in DTLA as an influencer. I was SURROUNDED by so much good food! But I did a pretty good job of weeding out the things that were not compliant. I’m amazed I made it out with my Whole 30 intact! Haha 🙂

Then my cousin came to visit and once again we were hitting the town and eating out! I had a smoothie for breakfast at home so that was easy. At coffee shops, I once again brought my own cashew milk. We also went to the Farmers Market for the most delicious, fresh food. I posted this photo on Instagram but I wanted to share here as well.

So on Mothers Day, we were strolling the Farmers Market and we came across Cumin Restaurant at the Farmers Market and John, the owner, was the kindest man!

He runs a cash-only operation and of course I only had a credit card, so he let me just take the food and told us to come back some other time to pay him. How sweet is that?! I feel like people never do that anymore. It was so fitting that that happened on Mother’s Day. My mom is the nicest, sweetest gem of a human being. She spreads so much love and happiness wherever she goes in this world and treats everyone with so much kindness. I feel like I am just reaping the benefits of her goodness! We had such a great day, eating the most deliciously seasoned chicken and potatoes and spending time on the beach in Santa Monica. It was so special to spend time with my cousin, who is like my little sister, while our moms were together (in another state) and celebrating us being together and happy 🙂

I finished up the weekend just grateful I survived all those events and curveballs that were thrown my way. I love Whole 30, but I just don’t know how to do it when you have a normal social calendar or even just work. So far, it seems like you have to completely hide out! But, I’m excited for Week 3! And even more excited about Week 4 because I’ll be working with a special company I can’t wait to tell you all about soon!

Have you done Whole 30? What was your experience? Any tips you can share?

I’d love to hear all about it, please leave me a comment here or connect with me on Instagram @maebad


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