Whole 30: Week 4 | How To Survive, Will I Continue, Weight Loss & More!


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Last week was my final week of Whole 30! I made it! It’s no secret that the past few weeks were up and down for me. Again, that was because of the myriad of social commitments and visitors that I had. (Check out my full recap of my entire month of Whole 30 here.)


During week 4 I felt a little more at ease because I didn’t have any visitors so I was able to catch up and meal prep. Meal prep is an absolute life saver. I could tell my body was craving simpler foods after a fun (but high-intensity) week of entertaining my cousin. So most nights of the week, I stayed in and cooked at home. I had lots of veggies (all organic! brussel sprouts, cauliflower & green beans) from my Milk & Eggs order. (Use code maebad for $15 off your order of $30 or more!) So I sautéed lots of different veggies in ghee and made chicken as well.

One night I was really craving breakfast for dinner (which doesn’t happen that often) so I took full advantage and made 7 minute eggs (soooooo good! the perfect jam consistency) I used Vital Farms eggs (the only kind I buy! also from Milk & Eggs) I also fried up some nitrate-free bacon (omg, another amazing find from…. you guessed it: Milk & Eggs) then I sautéed brussel sprouts in the leftover bacon fat!! See photo above. #gamechanger


Like I said, I took it pretty easy throughout last week so I was able to rest and catch up on sleep. I was supposed to have a delivery from Model Meals this week but by the time I got around to ordering, everything was sold out. So the team at Model Meals let me switch to the following week. So while my Whole 30 journey has officially come to an end, I’m going to continue this way of eating for another week because my Model Meals order came this past Sunday and it’s an entire week’s worth of meals that are Whole 30 and paleo compliant! I’m so excited to have food ready to go in the fridge! I’ll share a full review of Model Meals next week!

So what’s next? What happens after you complete Whole 30 and you change your eating habits for an entire month? Do I feel different? Did I loose weight? Will I continue? These are all questions that I’ve been getting through DM on Instagram.

Does Whole 30 Really Work?

Let me address a few basic things. First of all, what does that mean: “does it work?” Work how? It’s going to be different for everyone. Some might want to loose weight. Others might want to clear up their skin. For me, it’s not a matter of does it “work” because that’s so hard to measure. It’s not a fad diet, it’s a lifestyle change. I definitely felt very different! I could tell on the days that I wasn’t 100% compliant or didn’t thoroughly check ingredients, I could feel it. I was a lot more tired and puffy. Overall I would say eating a Whole 30 diet made me feel a lot better. I had more energy! As far as weight loss, I don’t know. When I started my health and wellness journey last year, I decided this wasn’t going to be about weight. This is about my health and wellness. Period. So while I do think I’ve gotten leaner from following Whole 30, I don’t know about exact numbers.

The Next Steps?

As far as continuing with the Whole 30 lifestyle, my answer is yes. Kinda. As I’ve said throughout this entire month, it’s hard to eat this way when you have a full social calendar. It takes a lot more planning and discipline. But as I’ve researched tons of different ways of eating and thought about how they all affect me and my body – I think this makes the most sense. Added sugar is bad. I truly believe that. I’ve seen people on Instagram claim that it’s not, but from everything I have read – it’s a deadly substance. So Whole 30 says you must cut it out. That’s so logical. Grains and gluten are bad. I believe that too. So Whole 30 says you must cut it out as well. When you think about Whole 30 from a very logical standpoint, everything makes perfect sense. So why not continue? I understand the reasoning behind not having “treats” or desserts but I do still plan to have them occasionally. Again, with the cleanest ingredients possible. All of this to stay, I believe in this way of eating and lifestyle.

What Am I Adding Back Into My Diet?

I plan to continue Whole 30 as closely as my social life will allow. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to go out and eat chocolate cake and pasta everyday. That just means I’ll allow myself a little more flexibility. And cheese. I’m definitely going to eat cheese again. Dairy doesn’t affect me very badly. I know it causes inflammation, but I do not drink milk or creamer (I use DIY cashew / almond milk in my coffee) and I do love cheese so I plan to add it back into my routine in moderation. The other thing I might add back in is legumes. I don’t eat a ton of them but I do occasionally have lentils for breakfast. I need to research more on legumes and the effect they have on the body so stay tuned. I may change my mind!

I hope this entire Whole 30 series was helpful for you all! A lot of it was my rambling thoughts and random notes throughout the week but I wanted to share it all so that you could get an honest perspective on this Whole 30 lifestyle. Overall, I think it’s great and I will be incorporating aspects of it from now on. 

I would love to hear from you. 

Have you done Whole 30? What did you learn? 

Please share in the comments below and catch up with my entire Whole 30 experience here.

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