As a trained Master Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, I believe in collaborative mentorship and strategic consulting which helps bring about massive shifts and results. As a former lawyer and a proven entrepreneur with multiple businesses, I strive to bring a holistic approach to life, success, leadership and personal development.

A mentor & advisor helps you:

Strategize, brainstorm, identify blind spots, move through blocks, execute on your goals, develop action steps, plan and organize, stay accountable, generate new ideas and unique perspectives and achieve high levels of personal empowerment.

Coaching and advising provides:

  • Guidance + direction
  • Nurturing empowerment + focused action
  • Life, health and business support

This pathway is for:

A deeply motivated individual who craves high level support to get things done while creating more space to actually live and enjoy life. It’s amazing what we can accomplish together!

If you’re a self-starter who just needs guidance and advice on how to enhance and uplevel areas of your life, this is for you! Whether you know exactly what you want or you need a little help figuring that out, this is for you! If you’re desiring more in your life and want an experienced mentor to brainstorm and strategize with, this is for you! If you’re motivated and ambitious but need expertise to bring your ideas to fruition, this is for you!

Focus Areas:

Life, Business + Health

I’ve worked with clients in many areas including:  

  • Weight management & food freedom
  • Launching a brick & mortar hair salon
  • Negotiating salary increases
  • Social media strategy
  • Developing new business ideas for a stay-at-home mom
  • Improving self-esteem and overcoming fear to finally go for a new job
  • Truly understanding their life’s purpose and how to achieve it

Single Session

Have questions about business, life or health? Need specific guidance on a particular area of your life? If you’re already rocking it and don’t need a long-term program but want access to my expertise and advice, book a power-packed single session! These highly-focused and concentrated consulting sessions will allow you to hone in on a single area you’re struggling with, ask unlimited questions, brainstorm and strategize all in one power hour.

Investment: Email for more information

Power Program

An all-access pass to receive a deeper level of support along with my assessment and expertise on ANY & ALL areas that you want to focus on — whether it’s personal development, health or building your business and brand.  This hybrid program includes calls that are driven by you & your goals as well as email support where you can ask for suggestions, celebrate wins and strategize. You’ll receive access to my custom-developed program that I have used with hundreds of professionals to get clarity, execute big goals and achieve true success.

Together we’ll create holistic strategies for massive impact in all areas of life.

Email for an application to the Power Program.

3 month program includes a weekly:

  • 1:1 call (30 minutes) to begin each week, strategize and plan
  • Check-in email to wrap up each week, review questions + celebrate accomplishments and prepare for next

Investment: Email for more information




A month-long group accountability program like no other. One of the most important aspects of success is our community of support. I’ll be sharing inspiration and strategy around every aspect of life. This will be an opportunity for YOU to dream big dreams and actually do the work to accomplish them! You will arrive to the calls with your own goals and you will receive direct advice and guidance to help you make them a reality. You will receive feedback from the community, help to brainstorm new possibilities and set up accountability structures to help keep you focused and on track. The best part is that you will have a network and support system to help you implement, and together our new community will move the group members to new levels! You’ll gain tremendous value and insights which will improve your business and personal life.

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