A former lawyer turned entrepreneur just trying to be well and do good.

Mae Badiyan is a business advisor, life strategist and holistic health practitioner. She’s a social media content creator and serial entrepreneur, who’s been featured in national magazines, tv shows and various blogs.

Business + Life Strategy

Mae is an advisor for entrepreneurs and an expert on business growth + digital strategy. She also serves as a mentor and consultant for individuals, with a speciality in lawyers, physicians and other professionals. As a life strategist, Mae helps individuals live in joy by curating a life filled with purpose and intention.

 Mae was formally a corporate lawyer in mergers & acquisitions and pharmaceutical patents, she then transitioned to the Director of Attorney Development for a Chicago-based firm. There, she spearheaded a revolutionary new program aimed at helping lawyers in their personal and professional satisfaction.

As a trained Master Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, Mae believes in collaborative mentorship and strategic consulting which helps bring about massive shifts and results. She has worked in a variety of fields ranging from beauty to crisis management to the non-profit sector. Mae is a thought-leader in holistic approaches to success, leadership and personal development.

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Wellness + Holistic Health

Mae completed her training in natural health and is Board Certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She believes wellness encompasses many facets of life including organization, mindset and food.

Social Media

As a social influencer, Mae shares daily with her collective community of over 50,000 people and strives to inspire them with healthy living ideas, productivity & planning tips and practical motivation. She has used her extensive knowledge of social media to advise corporations on digital strategy as well. Additionally, Mae is an on-camera personality and host for events across the nation.


Mae is a serial, multi-passionate entrepreneur. Her first business venture was a line of luxury tech accessories she single-handedly designed, manufactured and marketed. During law school, she offered style & image consulting programs for female attorneys and personal development for her classmates to improve quality of life during the strenuous schooling process. After leaving the law, Mae moved abroad to work internationally and help do her part to build a better world. Upon returning to the US, Mae opened a blowout bar and spa — launching a rapidly growing  business using the power of social media and relationship building. She has played an integral role in business development for physicians including launching surgical centers, group practices, and physical products all while building networks and a digital presence. She has helped develop various skincare lines including formulation, packaging, manufacturing and marketing. Mae is also an avid real estate developer and investor working to bring innovative concepts to the traditional and short-term housing market.

Mae’s a Southern girl who loves podcasts, pretty paper and bulletproof coffee. She’s inspired by the community-building process, her family, world travel and beautiful spaces. Mae’s philanthropic pursuits include volunteering with children and working towards the unity of mankind. She has served on the Board of Directors for CASA and the Arts and Humanities Council.  Mae’s on a mission to be well + do good, all while building an empire!

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