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— B U S I N E S S  +  L I F E —

As a proven entrepreneur with multiple businesses, I strive to bring a holistic approach to success, leadership and personal development.

The Life Edit MasterClass: Conquer 2019 & Beyond (Digital)

Perfect for individuals and entrepreneurs who want to be more productive as we round out 2018 and set themselves up for massive success in the New Year. My MasterClass is a self-paced program with FIVE audio modules plus bonus content including a Guided Chakra Meditation.  Learn more & register for The Life Edit MasterClass

Organizational Audit + Planning (1:1)

Wondering how to get organized? This session is ideal for those who quite simply need to get it together! Organization can be beneficial for your physical and mental health. If your life is disorganized and you don’t have a daily plan of attack, you are most likely not operating at your optimal level and not achieving your highest potential.  Whether or not you have long-term plans, we’ll work together to organize all aspects of your life from home to work so that you can move towards your goals gracefully instead of frantically.

Single Session. Investment: Please email for rates & fee schedule.

Premier Mentorship + Advising (1:1)

A rare opportunity to work directly with me to receive my assessment and expertise on building your business and brand. This program is beneficial for those just launching their business or those who have experience but want to grow! Also, those who need a life overhaul and upgrade will benefit tremendously from this program. It will run for 3 months  and include 3 individual consulting calls with me where you can ask questions and get personalized life and business advice. Additionally, you will receive email support for the entire 3 month period. Calls will take place the first week of each 3 month module and emails will have a 72 hour turn around time. Currently, the only opportunity to work directly with me.

3 sessions + email. Investment: Please email for rates & fee schedule.

Q4 2018 (Oct- Dec): Full

Q1 2019 (Jan – March): 2 spots available


Questions about which option is the right fit for you?

Feel free to contact me for a complimentary consultation to determine the best program for you


LawLuxe: Life Optimization for Lawyers

LawLuxe is a highly-specialized program developed by me, specifically designed to address the needs of over-worked lawyers and others in the legal field.  As a former lawyer who worked in mergers & acquisitions and pharmaceutical patent litigation, I understand the intricacies of the legal life. If you’re a lawyer feeling burnt out, dissatisfied with your personal and professional endeavors or you’re just yearning for something more – let’s work together for a life upgrade!

Investment: Please email for rates & fee schedule.

Physicians + Wellpreneurs

Specialized advising for physicians, surgeons, aesthetic nurses, spa owners, health coaches & others in the wellness arena who need help with social media strategy, business development and scaling, product launches and branding.

Investment: Please email for rates & fee schedule.


— H E A L T H  +  W E L L N E S S —

As a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, I believe in a whole person approach to wellness – mind, body and spirit.

There are many options for supporting the systems of the body through holistic & natural modalities. Some aspects of wellness include food, supplements, iridology, Ayurveda, Eastern methodologies, lifestyle counseling, mindfulness, meditation and movement. Functional medicine looks at the underlying root cause of issues. Confused about collagen or the keto diet? Tired all the time? What’s up with probiotics? How do you reduce stress?  If any of these questions sound familiar, let’s chat! Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and this is not intended to treat or diagnose. 

Investment: Please email for rates & fee schedule.


 —  2 0 1 9 —


A group accountability program like no other. One of the most important aspects of success is our community of support. I’ll be sharing inspiration and strategy around every aspect of life. This will be an opportunity for YOU to dream big dreams and actually do the work to accomplish them! You will arrive to the calls with your own goals and you will receive direct advice and guidance to help you make them a reality. Your partners will give you feedback, help you brainstorm new possibilities and set up accountability structures to help keep you focused and on track. The best part is that you will have a network and support system to help you implement, and together our new community will move the group members to new levels! I believe you’ll gain tremendous value and insights which will improve your business and personal life.

Investment: Please email for rates & fee schedule.