The Mind Makeover

The reality of man is his thought — Baha’i Writings

The Mind Makeover MasterClass is a comprehensive look at the brain, our thoughts, our self-talk and most importantly how we can change and optimize the way we think to truly THRIVE in life.

Did you know the average brain has 60 to 80 THOUSAND thoughts a day?

The Mind Makeover is a self-study online course that I developed to help you:

  • shift your mindset
  • conquer & improve your self-talk
  • finally execute on all your big dreams & goals
  • see massive results in ALL aspects of your life

The Mind Makeover MasterClass includes:

  • How To Use & Prepare for MasterClass
  • Module 1: Introduction & What Is Mindset
  • Module 2: The Brain & How It Works
  • Module 3: Negative Self-Talk, How To Deal With Fear, The Power of Affirmations & Finding The Root Cause
  • Module 4: The Solution — Internal & External Tools To Change Your Thoughts & The Benefits of Self-Improvement

Next course begins enrolling 2023

Disclaimer: This class is for informational and entertainment purposes only. It does not constitute medical or legal advice. It does not establish an attorney / client relationship. None of the information provided in this MasterClass is intended to treat or diagnose, it is simply based on my own experience. I am not a medical doctor. Please consult your healthcare provider or legal advisor.