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Apricot Agency is a boutique business development and digital marketing agency focused on a results driven approach. We are passionate about creating and sharing content that makes a positive impact. We help you craft and build your brand by combining compelling content, influencer marketing, experiences & events and social media management to create a strong digital presence. We offer accompaniment to our clients in the ever evolving marketing space and assist through the entire process — from strategy development to execution to analysis.


“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumers decision to choose one product or service over another.” – Seth Godin

Building a solid brand is essential — the foundation of a successful business. Apricot assists clients in establishing brand guidelines and crafting a strong story before diving into strategy, social presence or events. We begin by providing a deep-dive audit and analysis of your current brand status, organizing assists, creating on-brand goals and action steps to move forward. Apricot helps clients reimagine and refine their brand and expand their expertise and influence in the industry.

Influencer Marketing

We’re proud of our personal network of digital content creators who leverage their talents to help spread brand awareness, curate thoughtful campaigns + work with our clients to expand their marketing message across multiple platforms. Our team carefully considers the attributes of each side and match brands and influencers for the biggest impact + ROI. 

By creating personal relationships with those in our network, we work to: 

  • Drive traffic and boost brand awareness through thoughtful product seeding
  • Create sponsored long term + short term influencer partnerships through paid placement and on-going ambassador programs
  • Develop your brand’s community building through branded events, meet-ups, custom content projects + more

Content Creation

Content is KING! Whether it be your social media, email newsletters, website or consumer packaging, the content you are sharing is so important to the overall look, feel + identity of your brand. Apricot helps to oversee the content creation process with our go-to network of videographers, photographers, graphic designers + more so you have a team behind you developing all the content you need to succeed.

  • Our team will help you create and maintain your brand’s aesthetic by working with our photographer, videographer, graphic designer and other content creators for monthly, bi-monthly or as needed shoots. 
  • We create mood boards, creative shot lists, competitor analysis + calendars to make sure you get the content you need across all your marketing platforms.
  • Whether your team needs content such as flatlays, lifestyle shots, in store imagery, influencer photography, tutorial videos or more we are here to achieve your vision.

Social Media Management

Apricot Agency takes the confusion out of what to post and when on your social channels. We develop strategy, implement posting + provide weekly, monthly + quarterly reporting on all social channels your brand is utilizing. We entered the social space almost 15 years ago and are well-versed in the core platforms. 

  • Build channels by carefully curating a personalized long term social plan covering everything from tone of voice, overall aesthetic, community engagement guidelines, posting frequency, content buckets, campaign development + more
  • Create a social community which will increase follower growth, engagement + most importantly sales and conversions 
  • Provide unparalleled support with daily management, weekly check-ins and big picture strategy

Business Development

Apricot advises clients on business development including expansion, scaling and product and service launches. Together, we will audit your business strategy so that you’re confident in what you’re creating and who you’re creating it for. Collaborating with Apricot allows you to receive expert feedback on all business assets include websites, social media and marketing plans. Our coaching and consulting services help business grow and scale to the next level and beyond.

Public Relations

The team at Apricot is dedicated to making sure all major PR outlets get to know your brand on a personal level. 

We secure coverage within the following avenues:

  • Broadcast PR: Our brand secures on-air partnerships with major broadcasting outlets such as Good Morning America, E News, The Doctors, Regional and Local News Networks and Lifestyle Shows + more
  • Digital PR: We work closely with outlets such as BuzzFeed, Refinery29, Zoe Report, POPSUGAR + more to give your brand exposure to your target market
  • Traditional PR: We secure partnerships with high UMV publications such as Vogue, Allure, Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes + more for your brand to gain traction, legitimacy + exposure

Experiential Activations + Events

Our team works closely with our clients to execute their vision for influencer and consumer campaigns + media events to create a strong marketing presence for their brand through in person activations that connect others with your brand in real life.

We develop events from the ground up, including:

  • Sourcing vendors, activations, location, creative needs + more 
  • Securing the guest list
  • Tailoring each aspect of the event to suit your brand’s aesthetic and needs