The Best Health + Wellness Podcasts

 I embarked on a health + wellness journey a few years ago & I’m trying to listen to podcasts to learn more and more. Not only do podcasts offer an incredible amount of information from experts, but the best part is that you can listen to them literally anytime of the day and in any situation — at home, in the car, at the gym, whenever. My favorite time to listen to podcasts is either in the morning while I’m making my morning smoothie (full of adaptogens – more on that to come!) or at night while I’m cooking dinner / meal prepping. Here’s a look at my favorite, and I personally think, the best podcasts related to health + wellness.

Soul On Fire

Jordan Younger (@thebalancedblonde) is the girl behind Soul On Fire and author of Breaking Vegan. I was lucky enough to meet her and have a chat and she is sooo sweet! And beautiful. And just really lovely. Jordan has interviewed so many experts and entrepreneurs in the health, wellness and blogging world that includes Sophie Jaffe, the creator of Philosophie (love!), Kelly Leveque, celeb holistic nutritionist, Jonathan Albrecht, the regional operations manager of Orange Theory, Lauryn and Michael Bosstick, the two behind @theskinnyconfidential, and one of my favorite Jeannette Ogden from ShutTheKaleUp on Instagram. With each episode, Jordan finds out what the interviewee has done to set their soul on fire, hence the name of the podcast.

Faves: Ep. 3 Sophie Jaffe, Ep. 5 Kelly Leveque, Ep. 15 Jeannette Ogden

Bulletproof Radio

A great introductory podcast for learning more about quality nutrition and life hacks. This was one of the first podcasts I started listening to. Dave Asprey provides cutting edge research from world-class experts. I’m not 100% into the Bulletproof lifestyle but I do occasionally incorporate a modified version of the coffee into my morning routine. Dave interviews some of the top researchers, biochemists, meditation experts, entrepreneurs, and doctors across the world who share tips for taking control and upgrading your biochemistry, body and mind so they work in unison.

Faves: #376 Vegetable Oil – The Silent Killer W/ Dr. Cate Shanahan

The Model Health Show

Shawn Stevenson is a nutrition expert. I really love his fun and casual way of talking about really important health topics. He does include ads (which I’m finding has become the norm) but honestly I just skip right over them. I’ve learned so much from him about sleep and bone broth!! Two of my favorite subjects now 😉

Faves: Ep. 188, Bone Broth Diet with Dr. Kellyann, Ep. 193 with Dr. Mark Hyman, 

The Fat Burning Man Show

I really love this podcast. Abel James speaks the truth about health and nutrition and exposes the misleading claims that have been made, leading most Americans astray. I truly believe it’s so important to do our own research and not just take what we hear at face value so that’s why I love him. Some of my favorite topics have included: getting the inside scoop on how Kobe incorporates bone broth into his daily regimen (!!!), learning why we overeat and and how to beat cravings, understanding the thyroid connection and leaky gut, and learning more about the ketogenic diet (something I’m really trying to learn more about).

Faves: Dr. Cate Shanahan: Why Kobe Bryant Drinks Bone Broth, Dr. Mithu Storoni: The Ketogenic Diet, Brain Boosting Fats & How To Avoid Low-Carb Mistakes

Revolutionary Health Radio

Chris Kresser has one of the top 25 natural health sites in the world and is on the New York Times Bestseller List for Your Personal Paleo. (Amazing!) He is a physician and is very well-respected in the functional and integrative health world. I’m starting to learn more about functional medicine and it’s role in the traditional medical model so I love his background. Many of the episodes are fairly short (20 – 40 min) and thankfully he doesn’t include ads! Thank you Dr. K! The topics and information covered are cutting-edge, nerdy, and provide practical information on how to prevent and reverse disease in a natural way.

Faves: #32 Dr. Mark Hyman on the Future of Medicine, #19 What Causes Hormone Imbalance 

Cabral Concept

Dr. Stephen Cabral is a Naturopathic, Ayurvedic and Functional Medicine Doctor. Again, I love the functional medicine perspective and am trying to learn more about naturopathic / ayurvedic modalities. The coolest part about his podcasts is that he assigns a different topic for each day of the week– Motivation and Mindset Monday, Total Wellness Tuesday, Weight Loss Wednesdays, Training Thursdays… I love a good theme!! And his podcasts generally are short, perfect for a quick smoothie-making session before work.

Faves: #349 Clean 15 vs Dirty Dozen, #313 Top 5 Foods To Eat After Your Workout

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