Get Started With Financial Planning | My Best Money Management Tips!

I’ve been talking a lot about money over on Instagram! There’s often shame / guilt associated with money but in fact, I think it should be quite the opposite. More money allows us more opportunities to do good in this world. It’s all about the intention. Of course, it can bring a lot of freedom to our personal lives, but I don’t like to focus on money’s impact on our personal lives too much simply because I don’t want to promote the idea that money brings happiness. I talk about money for two main reasons: first, I think it’s important for everyone, but women especially, to become educated and empowered when it comes to money and two, I believe money in the hands of the people who are inspired to do amazing things in this world can bring about massive positive changes in our society.

Ever since I started talking more about money, I have been flooded with emails and DMs asking me lots of questions. The most common is always, how to make more money. I don’t want to speak to the logistics of actually producing income because I think that’s different for everyone. But I think the single most important thing you can do when it comes to making more money, is getting your mind right. You have to shift your mindset into a positive one. We have to eliminate ALL negative thoughts that surround money, including fear. Fear of not making enough, fear of debt, fear of credit cards — it all has to be removed from our reality. We need to focus on positive FEELINGS around money. We need to quite literally have a money mindset makeover.This is why I created The Money Edit, a money manifestation workbook and journal to help you with practice advice and tips, journal prompts to rewrite your money story and daily affirmations. It’s 30 pages packed with so much value! You can grab your copy here.

Another common question I get is how to get started. Check out my YouTube video, for lots of great tips of how to get started with financial planning and money management.

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