MaeBad's Summer Must Do List!

Happy Summer Solstice!
I'm not usually the biggest fan of summer because I majorly do not like being hot. 
But I'm living in Los Angeles now and summer here is pretty fabulous!

I created a fun and inspirational summer to-do list. And I wanted share it with you all!
It's a free printable, so head over to my shop to download it now!
And when you do any of the items on the list, be sure to tag me on Instagram @maebad so I can see too!
What are you most excited about this summer?

ps- can you tell I am currently obsessed with the color lilac?


My Observations on Leadership & Top Tips for Leaders

Being a leader - whether it's in a professional setting, among friends, or within your family - is never an easy task. It takes a humble posture of learning as well balanced with a bold nature. Here are my musings and tips on how to be a better leader:

Write it out.

Use an index card and write out your life lessons, your mantra, your vision, all the things that make your leadership style unique. Your entire leadership acumen should be able to be summarized on that card. I know it's a surprising thought, but distilling and curating our best advice into a manageable size will allow us to share it with others more easily. It's important to have a clear, teachable leadership mantra and style.

There's a difference between success and significance. 

We are constantly bombarded with the term success and what it means to achieve it. And while financial success and independence is certainly a worthy goal, I believe it's also important for us to think about the legacy we are leaving behind -- our significance.  Significance can utilize the same skills and knowledge that we would use to become successful, but there is one key difference - using those skills to serve others. Then we have a true impact, change people's lives and leave our footprint on the world. This is a great time to clarify your purpose and what you're truly working towards. The bigger picture.

Keep on learning.

We should always strive to increase our knowledge base within not only our industry but also other areas as well. Broadening our horizons helps us to stay inspired and think creatively. It also increases our compassion which is a key component to being a truly impactful leader.

Keep on keepin' on.

I truly believe perseverance is the one of the most crucial characteristics of being a leader [and really just an adult in general ;)] Life is hard. Leadership is hard.  Just remember that we are all humans going through the same human experiences, sometimes at different levels and different intensities, but we are all essentially one. A true leader keeps their head up and focus' on the path ahead and encourages others to do the same.


Lessons Learned | Resources & Tips for Bloggers and Women in Business

It's no secret that I'm a huge supporter of female entrepreneurs #GirlBoss
I believe that women should assert themselves in the business world! So I've rounded up links that share worthwhile lessons from some of the world's most powerful people in business. Consider this your one-stop shop for all things business -- from SEO to photography to being truly confident and successful. Be sure to bookmark this post or pin it to Pinterest for easy reference. And please do let me know if you have any other resources to share! 

Awesome Free Business Resources!

12 Things Truly Confident People Do Differently

Enthusiasm vs Action : Why You Need One More Than The Other

The Basics of SEO for Blogging!

Great Ways to Get More Social Media Followers

The Most Influential Things I Read This Year [an oldie circa 2014, but a goodie!]

Daily Exercises To Make You a Better Photographer


Giveaway | New XO Planners for Your 2016 Organization!

You all know I'm always trying to find beautiful, chic office supplies. And although I'm not usually a fan of color, I'm absolutely love these goodies from XO Planners. Nina, the founder, created a functional and beautiful Day On One Page (DO1P) calendar that helps you organize your schedule, to-dos, finances and health. It even includes a water tracker and monthly dashboard. I love that it has tabs for each month and a pocket too! #itsthelittlethings

Check out my YouTube video for an in-depth look at the pages and layout....and those swoon-worthy planner stickers! I LOVE them!

Nina was gracious to offer 2 planners to giveaway to you all! Enter below for your chance to win! Two lucky winners will get to choose which cover they want. Contest closes on December 21, 2015

And don't forget to use the discount code MAE15 for 15% off all orders. 
The coupon is valid until December 23, 2015.
Good luck! 


My New Favorite Booties + Giveaway!

I live in the South and right now the Fall weather is too cold for flats but too warm for full-on boots. So I've been on the hunt for the perfect bootie, but it's no secret by now that I rarely find clothing or shoes that I like. 

All I wanted was a pair made from a luxurious material with pointy toes, soft cushiony insides and a low heel. Is that too much to ask?! Actually no --- Corso Como to the rescue! You guys, their shoes are beautiful! The sweet PR team at Corso Como sent me some stunning shoes. I chose 2 pairs of the Dynamite booties, in taupe waxed leather and in champagne tumbled metallic leather
Oh my goodness, these booties are gorgeous. And soft. And comfortable.

Oh AND! There is a sweet little crystal on the sole. How lovely is that?! 
Talk about attention to detail.

I just love them and seriously so happy to have these boots in my Fall / Winter wardrobe. 
I've been alternating the two pairs every single day. Seriously.

They also sent me these beautiful flats. I just wish I could properly describe to you all how luxurious my shoes are. Taupe suede, perforated leather, and the most squishy comfortable insoles ever. 
I just cannot get enough.

And the best part! My sweet friends at Corso Como are giving away a pair of gorgeous shoes to one lucky winner!
Head over to my Instagram to be entered and if you win you can choose from a pair of the Dynamite or Carroll booties.

Good luck! 
And be sure to let me know which pair of Corso Como shoes is your favorite!


Obsessed. Kylie Jenner's Iridescent Chanel Boy Bag!

Kylie Jenner. Love her or hate her. Doesn't really matter --- LOOK AT HER NEW BAG!

I actually became obsessed with this new 2016 Chanel Cruise Collection before Kylie debuted hers, back when I saw Alex from HRH Collection share her new violet iridescent Chanel classic flap bag in a recent vlog. At first, I thought I loved the classic flap....and then I saw this. The boy bag.  I, like Kylie, didn't really think I was a fan of the boy bag. And then I saw this. 

Ever since, I find myself aimlessly searching for it during late night online shopping fests or even when I have some downtime during work. I love this bag. Absolutely love. And y'all know how picky I am, it's rare for me to love an article of clothing / accessory. I've shared my spending philosophy in the past, but basically if I love something I'm most likely going to buy it. While I know this method of "budgeting" is not for everyone, it works for me because as I mentioned, I rarely love anything. And because I'm focusing on simplifying my life. So I feel fine purchasing items that I MUST have. (Also, I'm a #girlboss and I work super hard so.....) And let me tell you, I must have iridescent leather that's topped with shimmery colorful iridescent hardware. 
Oh yes, I must. 

What do you guys think? Do you love this bag or what?!