Obsessed. Kylie Jenner's Iridescent Chanel Boy Bag!

Kylie Jenner. Love her or hate her. Doesn't really matter --- LOOK AT HER NEW BAG!

I actually became obsessed with this new 2016 Chanel Cruise Collection before Kylie debuted hers, back when I saw Alex from HRH Collection share her new violet iridescent Chanel classic flap bag in a recent vlog. At first, I thought I loved the classic flap....and then I saw this. The boy bag.  I, like Kylie, didn't really think I was a fan of the boy bag. And then I saw this. 

Ever since, I find myself aimlessly searching for it during late night online shopping fests or even when I have some downtime during work. I love this bag. Absolutely love. And y'all know how picky I am, it's rare for me to love an article of clothing / accessory. I've shared my spending philosophy in the past, but basically if I love something I'm most likely going to buy it. While I know this method of "budgeting" is not for everyone, it works for me because as I mentioned, I rarely love anything. And because I'm focusing on simplifying my life. So I feel fine purchasing items that I MUST have. (Also, I'm a #girlboss and I work super hard so.....) And let me tell you, I must have iridescent leather that's topped with shimmery colorful iridescent hardware. 
Oh yes, I must. 

What do you guys think? Do you love this bag or what?!


The Happiness Planner | Review, Flip Through & Giveaway!

I am so blown away by The Happiness Planner! It is so beautiful, well-crafted and just plain cool. What a fabulous way to work on personal development and self-care. Check out my video review of all three colors and then enter below to win one for yourself! 
We're giving away 2 planners -- 1 in mint and 1 in pink.

The first winner chosen will receive his/her choice of color and then the second winner will receive the other color. They're both beautiful, you will surely love either one!! Big thanks to Mo from The Brand Mentalist for sending these planners to me for review and giveaway! I absolutely love them. Please note, some affiliate links are included. I only share products that I truly love and I whole-heartedly believe in supporting female entrepreneurs! Good luck!!


What's On My iPhone 6 Plus & Review / Comparison to 5S

I am absolutely OBSESSED with my new iPhone 6 plus! I love, love it! I got the gold obviously ;)
Here's a look at all the apps I have on it as well as a size comparison in a woman's hands and with my old iPhone 5S. Let me know what apps and cases you are loving!


That 1 month I traded my MacBook for a Dell XPS!

Well I did it! 
I replaced my MacBook laptop with the Dell XPS UltraBook for 1 month! And drumroll please…I loved it. As I mentioned in my last post, I was extremely hesitant because I have used Mac products for so long. But this laptop was great. It did take some time to get used to using the Windows OS, especially after so long with a Mac. But it wasn't anything that I couldn't figure out and for most things, it was relatively seamless. 

My two absolute favorite parts: it's so lightweight and it's a touchscreen!
I seriously took this thing everywhere with me. It felt like I had not only replaced my MacBook but also my iPad as well. In fact, it was so portable that it could easily switch between both functions. I use my larger iPad mostly to watch YouTube and Netflix and this was perfect for that. The screen was so clear. 
For about 2 weeks of March I was majorly sick and this Dell UltraBook was a life saver. I got all my work done from bed, plus got to sneak in the aforementioned Netflix too ;) 

You guys know, I absolutely NEVER share anything that I'm not 100% in love with it….whether it's gifted to me or not. But if you guys are in the market for a new laptop, I highly suggest this Dell XPS! It's so highly functional and beautiful, it's a win win. If you're a Mac girl like me, don't let this Windows-based laptop scare you. The transition is a piece of cake. 
I'd love to know your thoughts if you have one of these laptops. Or if you made the switch from a Mac to Windows-based computer. Any tips and tricks I should know? 
Even though my 1 month is over, I have full intentions of still continuing to use my laptop. I could never give up the ease of portability!

ps- I've had SO MANY questions about how I integrate my paper organization and planning (through my Louis Vuitton agenda pictured above) with technology. So stay tuned, that YouTube video is coming soon! In the meantime, if you want a closer look at any of my paper systems, you can check out my YouTube channel! :) xx


A New Love -- Dell XPS 13 Laptop

For the past 3 years or so, I've been a Mac girl.  [Both the makeup and the electronics ;)] 
Well, I've always had an iPhone from the moment they came out, but about 3 years ago I purchased my first MacBook and I haven't looked back since. So you can imagine that I was extremely hesitant when I was recently contacted to review the new Dell XPS UltraBook. Would I even remember how to use the Windows operating system? Could I ever stop using my beloved MacBook?! 

I started to read more and more about the XPS and I was slowly won over. First of all,  it's sooooo thin and light. Plus some models have a 15 hour battery life. (Ones with a touchscreen have a battery life around 11 hours, but still come on that's amazing!) And with the Dell Power Companion, you get an additional 7 hours. That alone was reason enough for me to switch. I've said this in YouTube videos before, but I am always on the go. From my consulting work to being at my salon, I'm not usually sitting behind a desk all day long.  Plus I travel quite extensively throughout the year. So ease of portability is a big one for me. After reading all the reviews, I finally decided to accept the laptop and give it go. You all know, I never ever work with brands unless the products are things that I will actually use and can support. Another thing that really drew me in was the aesthetics. If you've been following me for a while now, you know that I love clean and simple lines. This laptop is so chic and sleek. The Dell XPS 13 is the smallest 13-inch laptop on the planet….it fits a 13.3-inch display in an 11-inch laptop. And the display is so beautiful because it has an infinity display (the technical term is the edge-to edge Corning® Gorilla Glass NBT™ infinity display) but basically it's rimless. And are you guys ready for this….it weights only 2.6 pounds! It's so thin and light! It is a high performance laptop with a 5th generation Intel processor. If you're like me, and not really sure what that means on a practical everyday level, let me tell you this: I've been playing around with it and it is FAST! 

The Dell XPS 13 comes in a variety of different models, varying from different amounts of memory, touch and non-touch screen, and lots of add-ons too. My friends at Dell and Intel, sent me the works! Seriously, I was amazed at the goodie package that came along with the laptop: a travel backpack, sleek carrying case, all kinds of adaptors and chargers and Microsoft Office (that was another huge plus!). I thought this was really cool too: it's considered one of the greenest laptops because it's made without materials like cadmium, lead, mercury and other crazy things that are horrible for the planet. It also won over 7 awards at CES 2015 (which I still have been to, but it's on my list!) I don't want to bore y'all with the technicalities. For me, it comes down to speed, size and performance. And from what I've seen so far, this Ultrabook has it all. 

I've decided to replace my MacBook with the Dell XPS Ultrabook for the next couple weeks. I'm so excited to see how this goes! But being the Mac girl that I am, the transition may not be seamless.  I know that I will, of course, love how thin it is (it's been said to be as good as or even better than the MacBook air!) Speaking of which, the Dell XPS has Quad HD+ infinity touch display with 5.7 million pixels which is over 4.4 million more than the MacBook Air 13 with HD+.  I am going to use the XPS for everything from blogging, to my actual work, to even watching a little Netflix. I am slightly concerned about switching back to a PC interface, but here's hoping that's just like riding a bike ;) I'll check back in with y'all at the end of the month with a report of how it went!


 Buy your own Dell XPS | Read more about the Dell XPS Story  
Disclosure: I received the new Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook with 5th Generation Intel Core Processor to review, along with the accompanying accessories. All opinions are absolutely my own. Always.


The Most Beautiful Planner! Julia Kostreva Agenda Review & Giveaway!

You guys I've been through a lot of planners and agendas in my time and let me tell you this planner from Julia Kostreva is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Julia is such a talented designer from San Francisco and her aesthetic is lovely -- sleek and chic. Just the way I like it! Check out my YouTube video review and enter below to win one of your own! Julia has graciously offered to let one of you choose any planner you like! So many stunning options! The paper quality is amazing, the lines are clean…. just watch the video I'll give you all the details! :) Good luck! xoxo