Amazon Haul | Affordable + Chic Planner Supplies!

The other day, I was scrolling through my Instagram memories and I saw a planner post from 2011! You guys that is 8 years ago! I’ve been in this planner community for a long, long time! Haha. It’s been such a fun journey and my planner style has changed so much over the years. More than anything, I’ve really simplified. I’ve always loved planner. Always. And when I found the planner community on Facebook, I was equally surprised and enamored. I finally found a group of people like me! I was quickly being influenced by all the pretty planning around me and ordering ALL the things! Over the next few years, I built up quite a planner stash. Eventually, I moved on from the intense planner decorating and really just pared down to what I truly loved. My planning became more functional and I almost went to the complete opposite side. I was just buying very minimal planners and using plain, black pens. All these years later, I’ve finally found a middle ground. I still love simple and chic planner supplies but I’m buying far less. And I’m just not willing to spend as much on planner supplies. That’s why I’m overjoyed by all the things I was able to find on Amazon! It’s a dream! Here’s a quick YouTube video haul of all the things I’ve purchased lately to use with my favorite planner and Louis Vuitton Desk Agenda. Let me know if you get anything from the video by sharing on Instagram and using the hashtag #planwithmaebad

Items Mentioned In This Video:

Affordable Planner for Desk Agenda
Kraft Paper Sticker Labels
Clear Sticker Paper
My DIY Sticker Shop
Traveler’s Notebook Unlined Kraft Paper Journals
White Sticky Notes
Crayola Skintone Markers / Highlighters
Zebra Mildliner Double Ended Highlighter in Gray
Chic Minimal Neutral Circle Sticky Notes

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