How To Upgrade + Elevate Your Travel Experience

I travel a lot. I was very lucky growing up that my parents took us on trips around the country and the world – it was an incredible experience to be exposed to so many different cultures. I learned (and ate!) so much. My travel experience has usually just been pretty standard and normal. But as I’ve traveled more and more for work and pleasure, I have really made an effort to elevate my travel experience and it has made such a difference. The entire experience is much more calm and relaxing, and I arrive at my destination refreshed and ready to go. So here are my tips for upleveling to have an amazing travel experience!

Fly The Same Airline

Airlines often reward loyalty with upgrades and additional miles. Join their frequent flier program and make sure you always use your number when booking your ticket.

Bring Your Own Food

We all know that airport food isn’t the best and it’s expensive. And don’t even get me started on the food that’s on the plane! I always travel with my own healthy snacks and even meals. If it’s a particularly complicated meal, I try to eat before I get on the plane so I don’t disturb my neighbors. But I’ve been known to bust out a bag of homemade grass-fed meatballs in-flight!

Get Lounge Access

Let me tell you, going to the lounge pre-flight is life changing. Getting lounge access has probably made the biggest difference in my travel experience. You can just sit in peace in nice chairs with lots of space. There’s food and delicious coffee and even Coke Zero. Some lounges have fun little perks like freshly made guacamole and even showers. It’s a world of difference compared to the hectic waiting areas outside the gates. Most airlines require you to have a certain status before gaining access to their lounge but there’s good news even if you’re not a frequent flier. Many credit cards offer lounge access as a bonus perk! If you have a credit card for a certain airline then you may have access to their lounge and some cards like AmEx may give you access to their private lounges as well. It’s definitely worth the cost!

Indulge In Smaller Upgrades

Even if you don’t want to splurge on a First Class seat, you can always upgrade within the main cabin as well. Different airlines will offer various perks such as more legroom or complimentary food.

Bring Slipper Socks

There’s nothing better than cozying up during an international flight with some fuzzy slippers! Plus, airplanes are usually freezing no matter what time of year so the socks will help keep you warm.

Create Your Own Spa

Bring some essential oils that will serve a variety of purposes such as sanitizing your space and helping you sleep. Check out my DIY immunity boosting blend — it’s a must  have for me when traveling! And Lavender and Rose are great choices for relaxation and sleep.

Talk To Your Neighbor

I know it can be super annoying to have a Chatty Cathy neighbor who doesn’t leave you alone during the entire flight but you never know who could be sitting next to you! Everyone has a story! So make a connection and build community. But just remember to leave some quiet time to enjoy a little Netflix or podcast too.

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