3 Tips to Finish 2018 Strong!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times — it’s never too late to set a goal, dream a new dream or start a big project. Just because we’re at the end of the year, doesn’t mean that you can’t still accomplish so much! You don’t have to wait for January 1, 2019 to get started. We all have the innate ability within us to crush those goals and finish 2018 strong! Here’s my top 3 tips on how to make sure that November and December are successful months full of productivity!


I talk about mindset a lot because it is the true foundation of your life. You gotta get your mind right! Adjusting your mindset can be very easy — start by repeating positive mantras. You may feel silly, but that’s ok do it anyway silently in your head. Also, write them out on sticky notes and post them everywhere around your house! Even if you don’t believe it, keep repeating the mantras. They will begin to reprogram your brain and thoughts. Another key component of mindset is raising your vibration. Everything has a vibration. If you want to be successful and accomplish your goals, you need to match the high vibration of success. Also, it’s no secret that when we feel happy and energized, we get more done. That’s called operating from a high vibe place. So how do you get high vibe? Smile, write a gratitude list, play your favorite song and dance around, drink more water, talk to a loved one. Things that bring you pure joy will help to raise your vibe.

Clean Up Your Environment

We are impacted by our environment. So in order to make sure it’s a positive impact, we need to operate in a clean and beautiful space. This means make your bed in the morning, take care of those piles of paper and do your dishes! The mind can’t focus properly on what it wants to achieve if it’s full of distractions. And whether you recognize it or not, the messes around you are impacting you on a subconscious level. So, clean up your space, get organized and get stuff done! Also, beautify your surroundings. This doesn’t have to be a big undertaking or a large expensive. But use the pretty plates in your kitchen, don’t save them for a special occasion. Buy yourself a $5 bouquet of flowers. Just like our personal mindset, our environment has a vibe as well so do the things that will bring a high vibe to your space!

Focus on Addition, Not Subtraction

This is one of the fundamental concepts that I teach. When trying to implement a change or working on a big project, we may get overwhelmed. So now is not the time to deprive yourself of things that you’ve become accustomed to. Instead, focus on good things you can add. For example, if I want to start a wellness journey, instead of trying to cut out sugar and caffeine — I instead think about what I can supplement my routine with that would be beneficial. So in this example, I would focus on drinking more water and eating more greens.  That way I am not focused on the negative and am instead introducing positive things into my life. As I focus my energy on the positive, I may find that the other less desirable things just fall off naturally.


Hope this was helpful! Do you have you any additional tips on how to be successful and finish the year strong? Please share them below!

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