Recent Amazon Purchases | Quarantine Edition

I’ve really been enjoying the past few months of staying home. I know it’s a serious public health situation, but I am grateful to have a home that I can stay safe in! While my trips to TJMaxx have come to a halt (#bummer), my online shopping has increased…. Here’s what I’ve picked up from Amazon over the past few weeks — a lot of the items have been really useful for being at home and some are just plain frivolous!

Coffee & Animals Coloring Book — This may seem ridiculous but coloring has been so soothing and relaxing. Plus the illustrations are great! Lots of fun coffee recipes and cute animals.

Fabric Shaver — I didn’t realize I needed this but once I got it and started using, I don’t know how I ever lived without it. You know how your leggings or sweaters get those little bumps? This takes care of them so fast! Just shaves them right off and collects them into the container. The price is really good compared to other options on Amazon and I love the color!

Acrylic Clipboard – I MEAN IS THERE ANYTHING MORE PERFECT!? And the clip is gold. Swoon.

Acrylic Tissue Holder — Frivolous. Gorgeous. Chic. Enough said.

Ice Roller — I have a pink one that is bulky and not the most aesthetically pleasing so I was thrilled when I found this slimline gold one! And the price is much more affordable than the others on Amazon. These ice rollers are great for depuffing your face in the morning and for bonus points, roll it over a face mask!

Double Wall Insulated Glasses — I have the mugs and I had to get the cups too! Ever since I started making whipped iced coffee, I have wanted to get these cups! I love the glass – so minimal and chic. These cups are relatively expensive, but the ones I found are a better price.

USB Rechargeable Lighter — I waited way too long to get one of these. They are sooo convenient! First of all, you never have to buy another lighter again! There were some cuter ones on Amazon, but I liked this one because it has a long flexible neck so it’s easier to use when the candle has burned down low and I need to get in the candle jar.

Desktop Cell Phone Stand — Yet another thing I should have purchased a long time ago. I put this right next to my laptop so I can easily access my phone and it’s great for Zoom calls too! I like it because when my phone is plugged in to charge, I can’t stand it up — this is perfect! Note: I bought the white with silver but I wanted gold, so I did spray paint it! It was super easy to do because it came dissembled so I could just paint the one silver rod.

Seamless Crop Top Bralettes — Another revolutionary product, especially for staying at home! They are soft, relatively supportive but still very comfortable and come in a pack of 4 perfect colors. I think these run a bit large so I sized down.

You can see more of what I’ve been ordering from Amazon while staying at home right here!

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