The Secret to Long Lashes + Best Drugstore Mascara!

I get asked all the time about lashes. And while I’ve just been blessed with long lashes and full lashes naturally, I have also had lash extensions a couple of different times. But they weren’t a beauty ritual that I wanted to maintain so I quickly had them removed both times. And now, I mostly just wear A TON OF MASCARA! That’s my secret šŸ˜‰ I have tried every single type of mascara ever produced. Ok maybe not every single one but darn near close. And I can confidently say that this is my absolute favorite mascara! If you only ever buy one mascara, let it be theĀ LorealĀ VoluminousĀ CurvedĀ Brush! The important part is that you have to get exactly the style of mascara that I mention because Loreal has different configurations and the way you layer them matters!

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How to Apply

Now if you’re just starting out, this mascara may be a bit difficult to work with because it’s a wet formula and the brush makes your lashes super thick! Just be patient and remember to layer 2 coats (let it dry about 30 seconds in between coats) The curved brush will help curl your lashes! I never use a lash curler anymore because back in college a chunk of my lashes fell out and I have been traumatized ever since! So, this brush does the trick and help curl my lashes instead.

maebad best drugstore mascara secret long lashes chanel dupe lash extensions at home

Once you’re comfortable with using the standard Loreal Voluminous mascara, it’s time to kick it up a notch! I love to use this Carbon Black version as my second coat. It really is a deep, dark black and feels like a luxury designer mascara at a very affordable drugstore price!

Now I have to also mention that while I LOVE LOVE mascara, as I’ve gotten older I’ve started to really focus on taking care of my lashes. And that means that most days, I don’t wear actually mascara. Or at least on the days when I’m working from home and don’t have meetings, I definitely give my lashes a break. I think mascara gives such a fresh look to my face, but I also want to help keep my lashes healthy. I am working on trying to switch to cleaner beauty but truth be told, I have not found ANY green / clean / natural mascara that works as well as this Loreal. I wish I could! If you have any suggestions or recommendations for clean mascara brands, please leave them below.

maebad best drugstore mascara secret long lashes chanel dupe lash extensions at home

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