Fall Skincare Routine Tips + Best Facial in LA

Do you all have an extensive skincare routine? I love skincare products but truth be told, I’m not very good at actually using them. Give me beautiful packaging and some fancy ingredients and I’m all in! I’ve amassed a pretty impressive collection of skincare products that most of the time, I just lovingly look at. But after my recent birthday (I ain’t 21 year anymore….), I decided to get real serious about my skin. Fortunately, I don’t have breakouts or hormonal acne so really I wanted to focus on managing the signs of aging. I thought my skin was in relatively good shape as I wash it every single night without question, wear SPF and have done 3 PRP treatments in the past year (more on that to come….) But, I have been noticing deep forehead wrinkles and bumps. And I feel like I’m getting dark circles under my eyes. So over the past few months, I started playing around with TONS of different skincare products: Vitamin A, Salicylic Acid, Retinol, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Vitamin E — you name it, I tried it. And honestly nothing was really making a noticeable difference. So after months of trying different things on my own, I knew it was time to go to a professional. Plus, with the change of seasons, I was feeling a little dry and wanted a comprehensive skincare routine for Fall and Winter. Sooo, when the team at HeyDay LA invited me to come in for a customized, deep cleansing facial, I knew I just had to try it out! Also, I mean just look at this space — who wouldn’t want to go there!!

Jenna was my esthetician at HeyDay LA and she was wonderful and so knowledgeable! She explained e v e r y t h i n g to me! Here are the lessons I learned and top tips for setting your own Fall & Winter skincare routine:

  1. Bumps may either be clogged pores or a sign of inflammation. This was revolutionary for me! I believe that inflammation in the body can cause so many problems but I didn’t even think about it affecting my skin in that way! WHOA. My esthetician said in my case there were a few clogged pores but most of my bumps are from inflammation. You guys! Seriously, what we eat / think / feel impacts everything — including our skin! I needed this reminder. Also, inflammation can also come from using products that are too harsh. My esthetician recommended that I use an exfoliator no more than 2x a week.
  2. Wash your face for 60 seconds! I am totally guilty of slapping on some cleanser, rubbing it around and washing it off. Then I wonder why I don’t get all my makeup off?! Hello. So you don’t have to use a Clarisonic, just use your hands and gently rub the cleanser over your face and count to 60. Be gentle but firm – as if you’re washing a balloon that you don’t want to pop.
  3. Look for products with fruit enzymes for exfoliation and botanical ingredients. These are gentle yet effective! I want to start moving towards more green beauty so this was a great suggestion for me! There’s more and more research going into plant stem cells for regenerative medicine and skin treatments. Love it!
  4. Not everyone needs Retinol. Speak with your esthetician or dermatologist about whether or not your skin needs it. Many people assume that once you hit 30, you have to start using Retinol for anti-aging but that’s not necessarily true. My esthetician recommended that I get my skin balanced and calm (and reduce inflammation) first and then I can slowly add Retinol.
  5. Jade and Rose Quartz rollers can help with redness and puffiness but they don’t really do anything. All those claims that they help products penetrate deeper? Not true! 🙂 But if you want to put your roller in the freezer and use it as part of your self-care ritual then by all means, go for it! I’m keeping mine as a way to zen out a little.
  6. Hyaluronic Acid helps to increase moisture! It’s not a stripping acid like Salicylic or other acids. So use it! It’s great for adding moisture.
  7. Wrinkles are a sign of dehydration. I asked my esthetician if there was anything I could do about my forehead wrinkles and she said don’t make any expressions 😉 She said they’re natural when we move our face, but if I really pay attention, most likely they are more prominent as the day goes on. So, she suggested that I moisturize mid-day to help keep my skin hydrated.
  8. Clay masks can actually suck out the moisture of the skin so instead look for products with volcanic ash which will detox while retaining the moisture of the skin
  9. Serum, Moisturizer, Face Oil — apply products in that order because that goes from the smallest molecules (serum) to the largest. And the face oil acts as a barrier to lock in the moisture.
  10. Consistency! Your skin wants and craves consistency, even if we think it’s boring. I always want to try new products but my esthetician suggested that I establish a skincare routine and stick to it! That will also help prevent irritation and inflammation in the skin.

So there you have it – the top tips straight from an esthetician for starting a Fall and Winter skincare routine! Isn’t that all so interesting? I learned so much at HeyDay LA! I highly recommend it, definitely the best facial I’ve gotten in LA. I’m still working out which products I’m going to be using but I’ll keep y’all updated. Big thanks to HeyDay LA for having me!

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